Dion Beary

Dion Beary

Dion Beary is a freelance writer working out of beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina. He enjoys writing about the little things that make us all tick and the big things that organize all our ticking into this incessant clock we like to call society. He also enjoys Pokemon way more than any adult should. Homeboy graduated from Queens University of Charlotte in 2012 with a Bachelor s degree in English and a (somewhat misguided) minor in Secondary Education. He grew up poor. He s still poor, but being poor is totally in vogue right now. I mean, everybody s doing it. The county in which he received his public education has had notable issues with racism in the past, so from a very young age, I (uh, I mean Dion) was exposed to the concrete oppressions of marginalization. He is a lover of human beings, so he loathes when they are being treated unjustly. He aspires to one day be a militant for love, an extremist for tenderness, and a radical for togetherness. If he can find time, he d also like to write a screenplay in there somewhere. He is a bleeding heart liberal, a die hard conservative, and his background is in blogging, so he has very little interest in traditional journalism.
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