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Rebecca Guerrero

Rebecca Guerrero was born and raised in Lexington, Nebraska. After graduation from high school, Rebecca served in the U.S. Army for three years.In 1980, Rebecca moved from Colorado, where she had been stationed at Ft. Carson, to Los Angeles where she obtained both a Bachelors and Master degree in English/Creative Writing. She has taught various Essay, Creative Writing, and Literature classes for over twenty years. In 2006, Rebecca moved to San Diego with her husband and daughter. They joined Rebecca s son who was in San Diego, stationed with the U.S. Navy. Recently Rebecca became the grandmotherof her first grandchild.
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Bachelors and Masters in English/Creative Writing from California State University, Long Beach


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  • Lessons Learned in Our Formative Years
    The strongest relationships we have in life are those we form when we are young. These are usually the connections we have with our siblings, but can be those with classmates in our early years and with cousins. The lessons learned stay with us for life.
  • Why the Paleo Diet is Not for Me
    The Paleo Diet, first cousin to the Atkins Diet, is not for everyone. Some people know what foods they should and should not eat for weight control and longevity. Instead of judging people, we should applaud those who follow a healthy food plan.
  • German Shepherds Can Enrich Your Life
    When parents are given the choice of caring for their grown daughter's German Shepherds, they decide it is definitely worth the challenge. However, there are particular steps to be taken to ensure the most is made of this experience.
  • Cyber Bullying: The New Way to Attack Thy Neighbor
    Through the increased use of social media forums, more and more Internet users are finding themselves at the mercy of those who wish to harm them. Cyber bullying victims can now be found among the young as well as the adult social media user.
  • Become the Professor You Were Meant to Be
    Attributes learned during a 20-year teaching profession and shared here will help all aspiring professors become strong instructors. The attributes are based on the professor's personality and on the ability to meet the needs of students.
  • Take Important Steps in Medical History by Participating in Clinical Tests
    Often times when people agree to be participants in Clinical Trials, they are not sure what is expected of them. In this essay, the author points out, through personal experience, what takes place both before the test begins and steps that are taken.
  • Of All the Veterans I Have Known, My Son is My Hero
    One family has had three generations of Soldiers, Marines, and Sailors. The mother, a Vet herself, writes a tribute to her son, a Veteran from the Iraqi War. She explains why he is a major inspiration in her life.
  • First Person: Quit Smoking or Give Up on a Relationship
    It took me years to stop smoking. I stopped and started over and over. The only way for me to stop was by going cold turkey and by making a commitment to myself that this time I would become a non-smoker.
  • How I Quit Smoking
    After smoking for several years, I reached my limit. I decided to stop smoking and took appropriate steps to keep my promise to myself. I accomplished my objective and by making a commitment to oneself, anyone can do as I did.
  • Abandoned in the Night
    Fearful of what will happen to her once she is caught, the heroine finds she has no one to turn to, no one who can help her. She is forced to escape into the dark night streets to avoid capture.
  • The Joy of Baseball
    From early Spring to late Summer/early Fall, one sport captivates fans across the United States - Baseball. The series of haiku, the Joy of Baseball, celebratess the sport and the fans who are faithful to their teams.
  • A New World Order
    After being cloned, a woman wants answers as to why this happened. After confronting the people behind her cloning, she finds she must run for her life.
  • A Fourth of July Celebration
    The 4th of July is a celebration that celebrates the American Spirit. Through parties, food, and play, Americans celebrate all that we are. The poem, "A Fourth of July Celebration," honors who we are as Americans. .
  • My Experience with Basal Cell Carcnoma
    Imagine being harmed by spending a hot summer's day at the beach. While we lie on beach towels by a swimming pool, toasting ourselves to a golden tan, we are dong damage to ourselves that can disfigure our facial features, at the least.
  • What is a Dad?
    A dad is a man who stays beside his kids no matter how hard life may get. Through his strength, he shows his children how to get through all that life presents.In the poem, "What is a Dad?," the attributes of a great dad are celebrated.
  • Summertime Is
    Summertime is full of excitement. It is the season we look forward to all year. The poem, "Summertime Is," celebrates the activities we all participate in to commemorate the season.
  • What It's like to Be an Avid Book Shop-Alcoholic
    At what point do people realize they are shop-alcoholics? And are all shop-alcoholics alike? Enthusiastic book shopping can become as overwhelming and uncontrollable as any other addictive behavior.
  • A Personal View of Depression
    Depression is a mental disorder that can occur at any time and happen to anyone. By sharing our experiences with the disorder, we can help not only ourselves but others who are going through the same thing.
  • Cloning the Perfect Mate
    Imagine a society that allows people to exchange their wives or husbands for a duplicate of the spouses they originally fell in love with. This is possibe through a corporation that specializes in cloning individuals who have caused discord in the home.

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