Bradley Voorhees

Bradley Voorhees

I am Bradley Voorhees. I am gay. I make music. I also deliver gay news Monday through Friday online, like, on my Yahoo-hosted website entitled

5/15/13 UPDATE: After having had my first article published I've noticed that a lot of the comments are negative and range from calling me names to critiquing my style of writing. As an outcome I won't be able to force myself to read them anymore. If you wish to talk with me about one of my articles and are kind, you can email me @
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Mansfield University of PA, and Corning Community College


All men SHOULD BE treated equal.



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  • New Science Fiction Web Series Surprises Internet Audience with Early Premiere
    A series that promises to mystify its audience and keep them in suspense until the bitter end.
  • #LawstinWoods
    Lawstin Woods, stylized #LawstinWoods is a science fiction web-series premiering on Wednesday, January 1, 2014. It's most like shows similar to "Lost," "Supernatural," "Medium," "Bates Motel," and "Carnivalé."
  • Dear Russian Lawmakers
    I am a gay American man, and I feel the pain of my gay brothers and sisters in Russia who have just been turned into modern-day slaves. This is my passion-filled letter to their country's bigot leaders.
  • Is it a Music Festival or a Dog Fight?
    What do you think about music festivals? Fun? Exciting? A "Ball?" Well I'll tell you how I feel about them.
  • Running Out of Student Loans Before Graduation
    I studied mass communications, but due to hitting the student loan cap, I was forced to drop out. I was only 15 credits away from graduating. I'm now a self-employed daycare provider making fewer than $2 an hour.

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