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Teka Rose

Teka Rose is a Freelance Writer residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her long love has always been her passion for Music and the Arts. Ever the social butterfly she is constantly surrounded by all things Entertaining; from small venue shows to Arena concerts, museums, benifits and fundraisers she is usually there. In Property Management by day, and come night she embodies all things Teka Rose. A full time Wife and Mother she enjoys free days with her family exploring ever growing Charlotte, where you can always discover something new.
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I just like smile, smiling's my favorite! ~ Buddy the Elf



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  • Indoor Wedding Rained Out!
    My spring wedding horror story describes how everything that can go wrong probably will. Twelve years later though I'm happily married. It's not about the wedding, its about marriage, so remember that when things seem to be falling apart at your wedding.
  • 7 Top Stops for Fro-Yo in Charlotte
    Looking for a spot to satisfy your urge for a cool frozen treat? Here's a list of top spots in Charlotte, NC, that are aiming to please your palate. Take a look and see what each has to offer and see who is nearest to you and enjoy!
  • Artist Review: Mic Check QC
    Elenora Fagan; a blend of Rock/Punk/Rap styled lyrics over a plethora of rock influenced beats. We learn about the bands history, members, how they met and what there musical influences are. information is available as well.

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