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Second Generation Geek, Freelance Graphic and Web Designer in Michigan with a passion for clean, user friendly design who also is a servant to the feline known as Smutty. In her free time she paints abstract art and blogs on technology, comics, movies, design, writing and more design. Follow her on, and
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  • Commentary: Right-to-Work Not Good for Workers
    Unions avoid court squabbles and ensure safety and fair treatment in the workplace. One hour per pay period is not too high a price to pay for peace of mind. Right to Work legislation is simply the right to not pay union dues.
  • Discover Fresh Science Fiction Fun with These Authors
    Good science fiction should create a believable universe; have understandable technology and compelling characters. Effects and action should be a fluid part of the story, not the intent. I have found all of these elements in the works of three authors
  • How I Reclaimed My Life from Video Games
    My moment of truth was realizing that I needed to make a spreadsheet to keep up with who I owed gifts and favors to on which game. This was work, not play. I was an addict.
  • Walking on Air – How I Fell into Freelance Designing
    When there's nothing to lose, starting a business is a no brainer. I decided to combine my artistic talents with my organizational and computer skills and get into a new field where I had more control of my career.

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