Danny Contreras

Danny Contreras

Writing is more than a passion for me, however, this was not always the case. After taking a written test for a position in the Board of Education and failing miserably, I decided to engulf myself in the world of reading and writing. I read and wrote about anything I could get my hands on.

The New York Times newspaper became my daily friend, which many times sent me straight to the dictionary and stumped me with its sophisticated and sometimes whimsical grammar, it all depended on the article(s); politics and science were, and still are my favorites.

I re-took the test, and in an auditorium of over 100 candidates, I scored the highest. Since then, I became dedicated to providing the best writing I could possibly provide. I not only wrote about subjects near and dear to me, I simply wrote. And now; I can write about anything, given the subject.

I went on to manage departments for Verizon Wireless, John Wiley & Sons, Harper Collins, GT Interactive Software, and Caminus/Zainet. The only reason I was able to reach these levels is because I was able to write myself into them.

The guys up top want to read and clearly see whichever vision you are offering, and I was great at showing visions. I created the existing Technical Support department for John Wiley & Sons. I also managed the Information Technology Support Center for Verizon Wireless at their HQ in Bedminster NJ, where I worked with then CEO Mr. Dennis Strigl, and CIO Roger Gurnani.

I must admit; my experience in the field of technology and writing is not something that can happen to just anyone, but it is possible. My diverse background in technology and writing, single me out as a rarity. I only have 2000 characters to biographize (made up verb) myself to you, and I believe I am near 1600, so for now, read and enjoy, I have to go. Thank you for reading. -dc
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City College of New York, Laguardia College, Aviation HS, School of Cooperative Tech Education.


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