Mari J. Stiles

Mari J. Stiles

A mother, teacher, blogger, writer, and general survivor of relationships who desires more for myself and others. I seek to get more out of life by not waiting for others to approve of my gifts, but by using those gifts now on my terms and in my time.
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BA English Education, BA Public Relations


Looking for better life choices every day.



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  • 5 Technologies I'd like to Give Up but Can't
    Twenty years ago, cellphones, Facebook, and the internet weren't even a part of our day; now we can't do without them. They are convenience technologies that make our life easier, but also chain us to our lives in ways that make us unable to be free.
  • 10 Reasons Prom Should Be for Parents
    Parents work on committees for months planning proms and after-prom parties to try and make their children happy and keep them safe during this coming of age tradition involving much more than dancing and fancy dress. But maybe it shouldn't be for them.
  • The Science Fair Project
    Ever wonder how the universe began? Big bang theory? Creationism? Or maybe another way...
  • Shel Silverstein: More Than Children's Literary Classic
    Shel Silverstein wrote several American children's literary classics, but was also known for writing songs, plays, and selections for adults.
  • Lessen Depression by Letting Go of Toxic People
    Depression is a never-ending battle for anyone with a true depression diagnosis. It affects every day and every relationship. My experience has taught me to limit exposure to those triggers, or toxic people, that limit my joy.
  • The Problem of Bully Mobs
    Children every day are dreading heading to school because schools are torture zones rather than sanctuaries of learning. Bullies are no longer one or two kids from broken homes, but entire classes full of vultures ready to pounce on every mistake.
  • Stop Wanting to Get Married!
    Women hang their own self-worth on their ability to get married. This is a self-destructive decision and is based in archaic, peer pressured-based thinking.

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