Mother of 4. Daughter. Sister. Writer. Blogger. Author. Fair. Truth teller. Truth seeker. Thinker. Listener. Happy. Peaceful. Open-minded. Unconventional. Passionate. successfully parent and raise 4 children with all that s within me. In LOVE with all things parenting!
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  • I Proudly Support President Obama
    In spite of what some like to believe, people support President Obama for truly valid and real reasons....I'm one of them!
  • Are Your Children HPV Protected?
    Having your children vaccinated against the Human Papillomavirus ensures that they won't spread virus and the threat are several different cancers can be eliminated.
  • The Best Vehicle I Ever Owned: Betsey the Yukon
    The best vehicle that I've owned, to date, is my gray 2001 GMC Yukon XL SLT. I kept this vehicle until it had over a hundred and seventy thousand miles on it. This truck was the epitome of luxury and spaciousness all at an afforded price.
  • From Urban to Suburban: Teens and Drugs
    Moving from the escalating violence and extreme poverty of Detroit to an influential suburb outside of Houston was meant to give my children a new start. Instead they were exposed to harder drugs than they ever knew existed in the city.
  • Cyber Punishment
    Taking to social media sites to vent how unfair your life is and your parents are is the lastest trend happening amongst teens and in-betweens. Parents have, too, taken to social media to match the actions of thir children. Is that wrong?

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