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Jennie Hall

Jennie loves writing articles items of family interest. With three daughters of her own she knows how hard family life is. She enjoys exploring ways to save money, camping, photography, cooking, and anything else that may take her outside.
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  • Soule's Chapel
    There is a place in Somerset, KY that most people around here call evil. Soule's Chapel has been the place for a fright for generations now.
  • Kentucky's Music and Outdoors
    Kentucky is an amazing spot to hike, see American history, and be touched by artful creations. We really do have it all here.
  • Flu Season Continues
    The flu season is well underway now. The methods we employed at the start of the widespread illness has kept my family healthy.
  • Nostalgic Children's Games
    I remember so many games that were taught to us and that we made up over the years. These children games were among my favorites. Will these playful pastimes be remembered?
  • Unique Party Themes
    Theme parties allow you to set the stage for good food, fun, and laughs. Give one of the following party ideas a try and have the camera ready!
  • Birthday Parties on a Budget
    When your household dollars are already stretched it's hard to believe that a birthday party for your child is possible. Check out thesemy ways to save money on birthday parties before you say no to them.
  • Unique, Healthy Start to New Year
    Resolutions can be boring and exhausting. Try something you love instead and see positive results for your dieting and exercise routine.
  • Gatlinburg Honeymoon
    Shopping, good food, entertainment, and beautiful mountains make the Smokies a great place for honeymoons. You could never be bored here.
  • Thoughts of You
    It took a long time to feel life after I lost my mom. It still hurts.
  • Gun Ban? Terrible Idea
    The lawful right of citizens to keep and bear arms dates back to the Constitution. Citizens should have this right forever.
  • MTHFR- the Initials that Spelled Doom for My Unborn Children
    After trips to a gene therapist, chromosomal analysts, and a horde of other specialists, one doctor helps me find answers and peace in a commonly misdiagnosed condition. Taking more folic acid was the answer.
  • The Smokies Ghost Tours
    There are some good ghost tours in Gatlinburg, TN for your amusement. If you are into ghost hunting, or just want a cool night tour these hit the spot.
  • The Flu: Preventing it Naturally
    The flu shot is not for everyone. Good habits and a bit of help can make prevention easier.
  • Silence Falling
    Snow brings us joy when it comes and when it goes.
  • The Flu: How to Fight Back
    The influenza virus can put a whammy on your body. Knowing the signs, symptoms, and ways to prevent it can help you avoid illness, medical expense, and maybe even death.
  • Road to Ruin
    This poem was created with the belief that when one door closes on you in love another, better, door opens up and heals wounds.
  • Cold Fx for the Common Cold and Other Maladies
    Chances are you haven’t heard of the medicine that can reduce your cold to mere sniffles in just a day. Cold Fx has shortened the duration of many colds for me and has even helped boost my immune system for other types of infection.
  • Removing Lice for Good
    This article guides you through killing those pesky critters that tend to keep coming back and infesting your child's head. So, grab a nit comb and pop in a movie for the little one. It is time to go to work.
  • Southern Chili
    This homemade chili recipe is sure to warm you up from the inside out with ingredients like jalapenos, chorrizo, and chili powder. This recipe yields about fifteen to twenty servings and is great for taking along as lunch to work.
  • Red
    Poem about infedility

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