Jeremy is a freelance journalist, author, poet and scholar. He holds a Bachelors Degree in History, and a Masters Degree in Secondary Education. Jeremy is also the founder of a website and author of a research paper of the same name titled, 'The Human Radio'--a project dealing with realizing, actualizing and utilizing Multidimensional String Theory from a scientifically cultural, historical, spiritual and meditative based perspective and platform.
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Bachelor of Science in History Magna Cum Laude, Masters of Education with Distinction


There is no past, present or future; there is only now, and now becomes all when now is no more


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  • It's Hip to Be Hybrid: The Only 'Con' to Owning a Toyota Prius Is 'Con'servation
    My Prius and I are inseparable, and our union is born of a desire to conserve and sustain economically, consumptively and globally alike.
  • SB 1062 Is yet Another Reason I Am Embarrassed to Be an Arizonan
    With the controversial and unconstitutional SB 1062 legislation garnering attention nationwide, it always seems like Arizona is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, and this citizen is tired of it.
  • Insomnia No More: How I Beat My Sleep Disorder
    I was plagued with Insomnia throughout my life. Until that is, I met a doctor who helped me to help myself from the inside out and through meditation--with no pills, pokes and prods needing to apply.
  • Butterpillar Caterfly
    The butterfly is among the most fragile, regal, beautiful and inspiring creatures on planet earth today but did not become so alone...rather it took the help of a caterpillar and an unseen but very real mysterious, Universal force to make it so
  • Changes in the Sand
    Buddhists understand that the only real manifestation in the Universe is the Spirit, and the only constant is change...and although one's faith is tested, the living work underlying it will never be overcome.
  • A Fan's Take: Lance Armstrong is Guilty, No Surprise Here
    One fan of recreational cycling, and critical researcher turns the lens from Lance Armstrong, to a societal ideal and value system favoring competition and individualism--and with these cheating, to focus on the society that breeds many like him.
  • First Person: Trading Lonely Materialism for Happy Minimalism
    Too many times, what we own ends up owning us. This backwards possessiveness imprisons us in sedentary, isolationist lifestyles; as was my case. Until this is, I released myself from material shackles--learning that freedom is truly nothing left to lose.
  • A Travel Poem: Actors Upon Our Global Stage
    One poet at heart and (sometimes) world traveler longs for Earth's playing field again, from the comfort and safety of his little home. He also wonders, doth his travel partner await him somewhere; either near or far away from where he lays his head?
  • First Person: Going Hungry, and Eating Right in Poverty
    With rising food costs, a shrinking dollar value and widespread unemployment, eating healthy and well has become very difficult for me. However, I hold my head high and am creative with my meal and food choices today; while striving for a better tomorrow.
  • Flagstaff Arizona: Life is Pretty Sweet at 7,000 Feet
    One former Flagstaff native asks his fellows to take in the Arizona high country. With unparalleled views, natural and man-made scenery far as the eye can see, and plenty to do in town and out, Flagstaff is one of a kind--and becomes you in every way.
  • NBC and Gender Inequality of Olympic Scope and Sequence
    One historian and educational researcher calls out NBC and a larger misogynist marketplace system and structure for its demeaning and degrading practice of objectifying female athletes and citizens--in order to keep them sexually submissive to males.
  • The Top Five Reasons to Ride a Bicycle
    One lover of all things bicycle urges his fellow human beings to pick up and ride--while putting down the isolation and monotony of automobiles and gyms. Bike riding is wonderful exercise and liberating freedom, to be enjoyed by one and all among us.
  • The Phony Nobility of Lying
    Lies are purposeful breaks in the human bond. A lie is the weak link between faith and works, retarding any chance of an honest or meaningful interpersonal relationship. If we truly reap what we sow inside and out, then lying begets only more of the same.
  • Cutting Costs of Breakfast Cereal for People and Planet Alike
    One activist and cereal lover looks at the financial and ecological costs of cardboard packaging manufacturing. He also asks his fellow human beings for help encouraging cereal manufacturers to lower costs for consumers and the planet we all call home.
  • Backpage.Com And the Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse and Trafficking
    A survivor of child sexual abuse and neglect discusses the sexual abuse and trafficking epidemic in America, and through websites like Backpage.com. He also calls out to his fellow human beings for help in defeating this scourge of humanity and society.
  • Best London Olympics 2012 Moment: Holly Bleasdale's Marriage Proposal
    During Track and Field events at the 2012 London Olympics, Pole Vaulter Holly Bleasdale's heartbreaking 6th place finish left her in tears. That was, until her knight in shining armor turned her frown upside down, and her tears of pain into those of joy.
  • Antarctic Rainforest Discovery Raises More Questions Than Answers
    One historian delves into the ever-expanding mystery that is the Antarctic. Specifically in the light of the most recent discovery of tropical rainforest climate and vegetation, how, why and where on Earth it was located, when this era took place?
  • An Olympic Poem
    One poet at heart explains in verse what the Olympics mean to him and the world-at-large. Please read, enjoy, and keep the flame burning bright long after the medals have been won, and ceremony's done.
  • When Collapse of Empire Means a Rise of Civilization
    One Historian and Educational Researcher discusses the positive effects empirical collapse on both an empire and its vassal states. Furthermore, how what is perceived as negative by the ruling caste can actually be the most positive thing for the ruled.
  • Drowning in Depression: The Non-Discriminatory Ailment
    The suicide of Tennessee Titans and NFL player O.J. Murdock reminds everyone depression and mental illness do not discriminate based on employment status, race or class. Rather, it effects everyone equally, many times with horribly unalterable results.
  • The Top Five Summer Olympians of All Time from Arizona
    Arizona is a state with an extensive and proud Olympic athletic tradition. Representing all backgrounds, cultures and athletic disciplines, these five athletes and their fellow contemporaries past and present are the nation's finest, and Arizona's pride.
  • Chick-Fil-A's Intolerance, Liberty and Religion's Self-Righteous Persecution Complex
    One Historian and Educational Researcher examines fundamentalist Christianity and Conservatism's continually crying wolf against anyone who desires to not have to listen to the bully call others out for bullying time and again.
  • Olympic Surprises: 1968 Olympians Smith and Carlos's Human Rights Salute
    One Historian and Educational Researcher delves into Olympic memory and lore, illuminating the bravest and most powerful statement ever made on or off the field--Tommie Smith and John Carlos's 1968 Human Rights Salute in the Mexico City Summer Games
  • Quantum Physics for History, the Heavens and Planet Earth
    One historian, educational researcher and armchair quantum physicist, reviews Professor Brian Greene's book, The Fabric of the Cosmos, and then places it within the confines and comforts of human perception and knowledge past, present and future.
  • Mitt Romney's Campaign Displays Its 'Anglo-Saxon' Side
    With his latest example of insensitivity and intolerance through his Anglo-Saxon remarks against President Obama and the diverse citizenry of the United States, Mitt Romney has once again proven why he is not a good person--let alone potential President.
  • Oprah's Orientalist Indian Ordeal
    Oprah Winfrey proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, the cliche American tourist is still alive and well. her embarrassing stereotyping of an ancient, proud land and the Indian people is par for the course with the long practiced art of Western Orientalism.
  • Dan Cathy and Chick-Fil-A's Un-Americanism
    One heterosexual Historian asks his fellows to take a stand for their homosexual counterparts past and present; in the wake of Dan Cathy and Chick-Fil-A's recent un-American brand of ideological tyranny against the United States of America.
  • Please Sign Rape Victim Savannah Dietrich's Legal Petition
    Please be an active force in the fight against rape and sexual assault by signing Savannah Dietrich's petition and helping to raise awareness any way you are able--for her and the countless other innocent victims of these heinous crimes against humanity.
  • The NCAA's Cream Puff Politics Strike Again
    In the wake of the horror and atrocity perpetrated by Penn State, NCAA President Emmert and his Board of Directors should have made an example of the University. Instead, they only made excuses and imposed 'sanctions' with a lot of bark but little bite.
  • Jesse Owens in Germany 1936: An Athlete Without a Nation
    Of all Olympic moments, Jesse Owens and his four gold medals in the 1936 Nazi Germany Summer Games spoke volumes about racial superiority. Further, his entire life's work spoke even more to the idea of humanity and courage in the sporting world and beyond
  • Chris Rock's Painful Historical Truth
    One Historian and Educational Researcher uses inconvenient historical truths to validate Chris Rock's 4th of July Tweet. For those wishing to understand why many Black people feel the way they do about racism and bigotry in American society, please read.
  • Michelle Bachmann's Tea Party Tyranny Carries On
    One American citizen's refute to Representative Bachmann and her band of intolerant followers who will not rest until America becomes the land of tyranny, bigotry and oppression they feel it was divinely meant to be for all under a White-Christian Flag
  • George Zimmerman and the Great God Excuse
    In today's Christian based and biased American society, God is purported by Its followers to be the cause of and solution to all of life's ills. This is, even when those ills are caused by the much more carnal than divine among us.
  • Muhammad Ali in Atlanta 1996: Lighting the Torch for One and All
    Of all the emotional and unforgettable Torch lighting ceremonies, Muhammad Ali's appearance in Atlanta to open the 1996 Olympic Games ranks far atop the list. And just like the man himself, head and shoulders above the competition.
  • Liberalism, Conservatism and the American Marketplace
    One Historian and Educational Researcher discusses and describes how freedom and equality are not practiced, or even possible within the confines of the American societal marketplace past and present, and under its dominant cultural overseers
  • 'Legacies' and 'Martyrs': Football's Pseudo-Religiosity Complex
    One Educational Researcher, Historian, former NCAA Division 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach, and adult survivor of child sexual abuse pops holes in the idea of Football as religion, players as saints and coaches as Gods.
  • Positive and Negative Education: Implicit Curricula
    One Educational Researcher exposes the subtler but still very influential means and ends public education serves to foster and further; at the expense of all present and future citizenry, both dominantly and subordinately culturally speaking.
  • A Primer on Obamacare
    One researcher hits the books to discuss and describe Obamacare, Socialized Medicine, and how the current privatized American healthcare industry only benefits further from the recently passed legislation at the citizens expense
  • Predators Be Afraid: Will Lynch Verdict Signals Hope for Abuse Survivors Everywhere
    The victory for Will Lynch, his exoneration on assault charges against a retired Jesuit Priest who sexually abused him and his brother in their childhoods sends a hopeful message to victims everywhere; and a foreboding one to predators alike
  • Positive and Negative Education: Explicit Textbook Curricula
    In an expose regarding biased influences present in public education, one Educational Researcher explains explicit textbook curricula as a vehicle for, and perpetuation of dominant cultural values and norms, in order to maintain the status quo
  • To Stop and Smell the Roses
    Have you ever stopped to smell a Rose? A philosopher at heart, and student of the Universe both above and below asks that next time you do, you take a moment and look at it too, and ask yourself, what do you really see?
  • Teddy Bear-Apy
    For survivors of abuse and trauma, teddy bears are much more than just kids toys. Rather, the healing and nurturing of one's inner child these cuddly little creatures foster is truly priceless. Please read and assist; if you are able to bear it, that is.
  • Rethinking History: Breaking the Past Free from Its Present Moldy State
    One Historian and Academic Researcher questions the absolute truth of accepted historical dogma--when so much evidence exists to prove what we think we know is not the reality of the way it has always been at all
  • Positive and Negative Education: Pedagogy
    One Educational Researcher asks his fellow Educators to ask themselves if who they choose to be, and what they choose to do, is right for and fair to those they serve--the whole of humankind.
  • Five Essential Skills Every 21st Century Male Should Have
    One Man shares insight and experience with his fellows, ladies, or anyone else who desires towards gender equality, as well as relationship or personal growth, enlightenment and betterment
  • Summertime Swimming Pool Exercises
    Some fun and challenging water based exercises for those who suffer from neuromuscular disorders and diseases; as well as either the physically fit, or those wishing to be more so than they are.
  • On Title IX: How Far America Has but Hasn't Come with Gender Based Equality
    One Educational Researcher and Historian takes an honest look at Title IX, and gender based equality; in the face of a still hostile, male dominated American Societal and Educational Marketplace
  • What Public Education Says About American Society
    One educational researcher takes aim at the coercive, dominant forces behind public education in America and questions what could be if finance, industry and politics were used by education and society; instead of using society for its own ends and means
  • The Continuing Case for Planet X and Other Unexplained but Ever-Present Realities
    One researcher, academic and lifelong student of the Universe above and below asks how what we perceive with our imperfect experiences and perceptions can even come close to understanding, let alone explaining, the wonders and mysteries of the Cosmos
  • There is No Such Thing as Disabled--Just Abilities of All Different but Important Sorts
    For the over 50 million Americans living with a disability, all it takes is an opportunity to discover happiness and success, if society is willing to give them the chance to have one in the first place
  • Child Sexual Abuse and Trafficking: A Silent American Epidemic
    Every ten seconds in the United States, a report of child sexual abuse or trafficking is filed. For all innocents living in the most industrialized country in the world, this is an epidemic it is up to their protectors, all of us, to do something about
  • Azure Eyes
    Have you ever looked into deep blue eyes, and seen the Universe staring right back at you? One poet at heart takes flight into one of the most beautiful and mysterious wonders in the world, and shares his journey with you...
  • Cheese and Quackers
    Whether on a limited or limitless budget, some general culinary tips and creation ideas from a chef at heart, mind and body too
  • An Issue or Two with Newton's Apple
    A skeptic of classical Physics asks a few questions of the ability for a man sitting under an apple tree to understand, let alone accurately describe the complexities and mysteries of the Universe both above and below
  • A Summers Day Poem for Lovers Everywhere
    A simple gesture by a writer at heart; offering up this summer's day poem for lovers and friends alike, hoping they enjoy their summer, each and every day, with the one they truly love and who loves them in kind.
  • The View from the Other Side of the Fence
    How education seems to further class and cultural divisions and inequalities in American society, rather than bridging the ever widening divide between who has and who doesn't.
  • When Down in the Dumps is Home Sweet Home
    An adult survivor of child sexual abuse and neglect shares what got him where he is, and what he did and does about it.

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