Sandy Stachowiak

Sandy Stachowiak

Sandy is an IT Project Manager and a single mother of one living in sunny NE Florida. Currently writing technical documents, in addition to managing projects and people for her job, she is very excited to write about her personal interests and passions.

She loves animals, horror movies, reality TV shows, and the ever-changing technology world. She also enjoys writing about health and parenting, while lifestyle topics help her to stay in tune with her teenage daughter. Sandy believes that her personal experiences may also help others and is happy to be able to share those experiences in what she writes.
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  • Fun Things to Do with Your Teen in Savannah
    A trip to Savannah, Georgia may not be your teen’s idea of a perfect getaway. But rest assured that there are other things you can do with your teen in that historic town that will be fun and bring just the right amount of history to your trip.
  • Spring Cleaning: Start Inside Before Heading Out
    Everyone is excited when the prospect of the spring season nears. We all want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful, warm sun. However, before we take that leap, there are things that need to be done inside that have been waiting all winter.
  • Juan Pablo as “The Bachelor” – What a Disappointment
    We were so excited when the new season of “The Bachelor” revealed that Juan Pablo would be the next bachelor! We loved him on the season with Des, so we had such high hopes. But then something went terribly wrong. Mr. Nice Guy turned into Mr. Not-So-Nice
  • Uterine Fibroids – Not Knowing Is the Scary Part
    My uterine fibroid is not a danger to me. What is dangerous is that I waited to find out what it was while dealing with extreme pain every month leading me to the emergency room. If you know something is wrong, take action and see a doctor.
  • Thanksgiving Traditions: When Old Meet New
    Like many, I grew up with certain traditions surrounding Thanksgiving dinner. As I grew older and things changed, I learned that keeping some of those old traditions in the family were just as important as starting new ones.
  • What Ever Happened to Alice.Com? was an online retailer for household goods, beauty supplies, pet supplies, and even outdoor products. Unfortunately, as of the end of August Alice took down their site, filed for receivership, and closed their online doors.
  • Tips for Caring for Your Teen After Oral Surgery
    In addition to your surgeon’s instructions, there are a few helpful tips that may ease your teen’s recovery after having their wisdom teeth removed.
  • Prepare for Your Teen’s Wisdom Tooth Surgery
    Is it time for your teen to have their impacted wisdom teeth removed? If so, there are a few things you should do to prepare ahead of the oral surgery so that you can concentrate on comforting them once they are home.
  • Halloween Horror Nights 23: All Houses Now Revealed
    For 23 years Halloween Horror Nights has taken Orlando by storm. Now that all eight houses have finally been revealed, it is time to buy your tickets. The event starts in just weeks! This year’s theme is: “What Evil Has Taken Root?”
  • Zombies Are Invading Again! Will They Catch You?
    This year the zombies are invading cities across the country for another year of “Run For Your Lives”. Whether you are a runner or not, you need to be in shape to make it through this race!
  • Project Management: 5 Essentials I Wish I Knew
    You learn as much as you can when you are in college for Project Management. However, there are some things are just meant to be learned on the job. Here are five tips I learned that helped me to become a successful Project Manager.
  • Why I Chose Not to Have a Nerve Block
    After continued problems with the nerves in my arm, my neurosurgeon recommended a nerve block. The details I received regarding this procedure let me know that the benefits did not outweigh the risks.
  • Three Fun Activities to Do With Your Teen in Daytona Beach
    Daytona Beach, Florida, has more than its famous beach for fun. If you are traveling there with your family, including a teenager, here are a few cool activities you can enjoy together.
  • Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thin?
    Trying to “do it all” can result in spreading yourself too thin. When this happens your mind, body and relationships can suffer. Know your limits and when it is time for a break.
  • 3 Tips for Dry Eyes After Lasik Surgery
    Having Lasik surgery performed has many benefits, but what may come with those benefits is the issue of dry eyes. Although the dryness can fade as the healing of Lasik surgery progresses, there are things you can do to help your eyes in the meantime.
  • 3 Steps to Lower Cholesterol
    I recently found out that my total cholesterol level is higher than it should be – it is considered “borderline high”. With my doctor’s suggestions and the research I have done, I now know how to begin lowering my cholesterol.
  • A Mother’s Day Poem: What Does ‘Mother’ Mean?
    This acrostic (name) poem symbolizes what the word ‘mother’ means to me as I think of my mom this Mother’s Day.
  • Being a Mom: Why I Am Thankful, Proud and Appreciative
    Being a mom means different things to different people. Some can be easily described while others can only be known or felt by a mother. This Mother’s Day I would like to share my thoughts and what it means to me to be a mom.
  • An Easy, Inexpensive Spring Landscape Project
    There are a few easy things that most anyone can do to get their yard looking great for spring! I am no expert, but I have found some quick, simple and inexpensive ways to prepare my yard for the season.
  • Lasik Surgery: My Success Story
    I recently had Lasik surgery with monovision and it could not have gone better! I would like to share my positive experience with others who may be contemplating the same surgery.
  • “The Mentalist” Versus “Castle” – Who Would Win?
    I love both television shows “The Mentalist” and “Castle”. But, I could not help notice the obvious similarities between the two main characters as well as the story lines. This made me think, if they were up against each other, who would win?
  • Lucy the Time-Teller
    We always know what time it is thanks to our terrier mix, Lucy!
  • Are You a Home Computer Worker with Neck or Back Pain? Try These Tools!
    Working on the computer with neck or back pain can be difficult. Here are a few products that I use at home to ease my pain.
  • 3 Tips for Computer Workers with Arm and Neck Pain
    If you are an office worker or someone who spends their days on the computer, having arm, neck or back pain can make you wonder if you should search for a different career. These 3 easy tips help me and may help you too.
  • Personal Experience: My Teen Has Scoliosis
    One year ago my daughter was diagnosed with mild scoliosis. We learned this year that it had worsened. We were scared and nervous about how severe the disease has gotten for her and what was next.
  • Halloween Horror Nights 2012: Undead Invade Orlando
    Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 22 aims to scare once again. This year’s event offers a whole-park Scare Zone, seven haunted houses and AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. Here is my experience with opening weekend.
  • Guide to Online Twitter Tweet Schedulers
    Who has time to post Tweets to Twitter all day long? This handy guide will describe three popular online schedulers to help manage your upcoming Tweets and your time!
  • Teaching Your Teen to Drive: Dos and Don’ts
    Teaching your teen to drive can be as nerve-wracking for them as it is for you. Here are some do’s and don’ts to remember when it comes to teaching them the rules of the road.
  • Tips for the Working Mom: De-Stressing Before Re-Stressing
    With so much pressure these days for the working mom to “do it all”; here are some tips for de-stressing before re-stressing again the next day!
  • Returning to Illinois from Florida Should Be Easier
    A return trip from Jacksonville, Florida to Chicago, Illinois after a wonderful vacation should have been as easy as the trip south. From flight delays to an unplanned, eight-hour layover this was an unforgettable trip with my toddler.
  • Guide to Android Entertainment Apps: TV, Movies, Music
    Search no further; these three Android entertainment apps will get you everything you need for TV, movies and music on your phone or tablet.
  • I was on TV - Youtoo TV! Sort Of
    Youtoo TV is considered a Social TV Network, providing opportunities for their viewers to be on TV! So, I gave it a try!
  • IPad: Apps for Keeping Up with Apps
    Do you have a hard time keeping up with all of the new apps in the App Store? Are you interested in what is coming down the road? Do you want to know when your favorite game goes on sale? Here are two easy-to-use apps that make keeping up simple.
  • Can You Outrun the Zombies? Give it a Try – for Real!
    Run for Your Lives is at it again this year! Be chased by zombies or just attend the Apocalypse Party. Either way this undead event is sure to bring some fresh flesh not to mention fresh excitement to the weekend!
  • Bit by a Tick: Don’t Make My Mistakes
    I discovered a tick on my head recently and want to share my mistakes so that others do not make the same ones. There are right and wrong ways to remove a tick and treat its bite.
  • Why Do the Ducks in Florida Quack so Loud?
    This short story answers a question I asked when I moved to Florida several years ago. I heard ducks in the lake almost every evening and wondered why their quacking was louder than I had ever heard before.
  • Life is Art
    This poem is about the inspiration of the arts in our lives.
  • My Personal Experience: Physical Therapy After Neck Surgery
    This article about physical therapy after neck surgery is my own experience. I hope that it may help others in the same situation; wondering if physical therapy is necessary after an Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion procedure.
  • Daddy is Coming Home
    This short story is about a little one’s excitement building as she waits for her daddy to arrive home from work.
  • Meatloaf: New Spin on an Old Favorite
    This meatloaf recipe is sure to have them asking for more. It is a new idea for classic meatloaf lovers using mushroom soups. Adding potatoes and carrots makes this a full meal.
  • Need to Get Organized? These Android Apps and Widgets Can Help
    This is a list of just a few apps that were designed to help make your life a little easier. Whether you have days full of appointments, too many apps to find what you need, or a bunch of packages to keep track of, these Android apps are for you!
  • Tablets: Two Must-Have Accessories
    So many tablet accessories are geared towards specific brands. Here are two accessories that not only work with most any touchscreen tablet, but are sure to be used almost daily.
  • IPad Twitter Clients for New Tweeters
    This article offers pros and cons for three free versions of Twitter clients for the iPad. Emphasis of features for these clients is for those who are new to Twitter.
  • In the Summertime
    This is a short, rhyming poem about the season of summer.
  • My Personal Experience: Neck Surgery and Recovery
    This article about neck surgery and recovery is my own experience; which I hope may help others in the same situation, about to have the same surgery or considering it.
  • A Father's Day Poem: What Does ‘Father’ Mean?
    This acrostic (name) poem symbolizes what the word 'father' means to me as I think of my dad this Father's Day.
  • How I Save Tons of Time Buying Household Goods Online
    Most people may not realize it, but purchasing household goods online like they do with other items these days can really save some time and aggravation.

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