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Joshua Cintron

Joshua is college professor, author, copywriter, Webmaster, poet, prosperity writer, infopreneur, blog and article writer.

Joshua has extensive experience in finance and accounting, budget, forecasting, learning management systems, teaching pedagogies, leadership and management, which provide a plethora of experience for complex writing projects.

Joshua is author of three books, What to Expect When You Enroll in an Online Class, His Secret Addiction and Get Straight A's, 10 Academic Writing Tips That Really Work.

Joshua enjoys writing, reading, spending time with his family and sports. Joshua is married with two children and lives in Orange County, California. Read his writing samples at

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M.A., B.S., Bellevue University; A.A., Air Force; Certificate, Budget|Financial Management; Postsecondary Credential, Business & Public Administration


If you have a dream, never let it go. Grab hold of it. Strangle the life out of it. Don t let anyone...anyone... ever steal steal that dream from you.



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  • How to Make Money Online Through Google Adsense
    I want to be a full-time blogger so I delved into blog writing. It's been a year and I'm just now learning the ins and outs of monetizing my websites. One method is with Google Adsense. To date, I've received two adsense checks. Not too shabby.
  • The Disgruntled Person’s Guide to Loving Your Job
    Many of us wake up to a job we could care less about. We do it because we have to. It takes a couple to adopt a disgruntled attitude, filling our minds with negativity and resentment for our jobs. Try these tips to regain satisfaction in your job.
  • Hair Donations: Several Organizations Accepting Donations
    In search of organizations who accept hair donations? Donating money is easy but donating hair to help a child or and adult battling cancer and other diseases is an admirable act, an act my wife so graciously performed.
  • What You Should Know About Scuba Diving
    Want to scuba dive but unsure of what you should expect? Does the lure of the bottomless blue ocean call your name? My first experience scuba diving was in an apartment pool but the two things I learned in a 40-minute session was valuable.
  • Brandable Domain Names Rise as a Category
    GoDaddy, NameCheap, Domain names, we see these commercials on TV. As the number of blogs and websites continuing growing, domain name availability will decrease. There's a brandable domain name solution with off shoot words of the English language.
  • Car Loans: Small Steps That Helped Me Pay Off Not One but Two Cars
    In my early car buying years, I was a refinancing machine. As long as my monthly payment was low, I didn't care about the terms. Thankfully, I wised up and made small changes to get rid of car debt.
  • Start a Business and Get More Back on Your Tax Returns
    Do you want to get more money back on your taxes? I do, and I did starting a business. The IRS tax law enables businesses to write-off day-to-day expenses employees can only dream of.
  • The Lazy Man's Way to Maintain a Healthy Weight
    My weight ballooned after having children. My wife and I tried to work out at the gym but that was short-live. To curb my weight because of my laziness, I had to think of creative ways to keep my weight from skyrocketing.
  • How Being Denied Credit Pushed Me to Learn About My Financial Situation
    Obtaining a credit card or loan is part of life, but receiving a rejection letter is the part I dread the most. I've received my fair share of rejection letters and as a result, I had to learn why if I wanted to stop the cycle.
  • What Every Teenager Ought to Know About Credit History
    Credit card companies market their cards on nearly everything our eyes meet. I received my fist credit card as a teenager and learned a valuable lesson about failing to pay and my credit.
  • Little Known Ways to Make Money in the Entertainment Industry
    I stumbled on TV show tapings as a fundraising idea while in the military. Since then, I've spent considerable amounts of time learning how to make quick money, as a result, I found background acting, modeling and TV show tapings as a viable option.
  • How to Use Competitors to Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    I started my first website several years ago with limited knowledge of HTML, web design and search engine optimization (SEO). I invested hundreds of hours reading, teaching myself SEO and understanding how it affects search engine traffic.
  • Build a Business You Can Be Proud Of
    Businesses drive American economy. The tax code favors businesses because they generate money for the federal government. But before a business sees success, it must start with a vision and mission statement and business plan.
  • Fathers and Daughters Love Poems: Love to My Daughter
    Fathers and daughters love poems is my way of telling my daughter how much she means to me. She is pure, honest, humble and full of life.
  • Wedding Poems: If You Only Knew
    Wedding poems to inspire brides and grooms on the greatest day of their life. This wedding poem shares a man's deep emtions for his bride.
  • Wedding Poems: Our Souls Unite
    Wedding poems and wedding love poems to say to a bride or groom. Use these words to pledge your love to the one who captures your heart, your soul mate.
  • Skills Adults Need Before Enrolling in College
    Adults who enroll in college lack serious basic skills in reading, writing and critical thinking. Many fail in high school to gain the requisite skills to succeed in college, so can universities and colleges expect students to be successful?
  • Did You Know You’re an Entrepreneur?
    We're all entrepreneurs whether we accept it or not. We go to work, vying for position and status. In essence, we're selling ourselves to our supervisors. In essence we're in business for ourselves.
  • Why We Fail to Lose Weight
    Americans are big consumers of diet programs and weight loss supplements, yet obesity is an epidemic. At some point, people must realize diets aren't the problem, they are. So, why do we fail to lose weight?
  • Where to Find Inexpensive Rolex Watches
    Rolex is often associated with the mecca of watches. As masses of people listen to celebrities share their love for Rolex, few have the luxury of buying one. Here is a solution to high-priced Rolex watches.
  • What You Should Know About Las Vegas
    Las Vegas is known as an adult playground, where adults freely spend time and money on gambling, clubs and adult shows. Before getting wrapped up in the euphoria, it's ideal to understand a few things prior to arriving at the hotel.
  • 4 Key Steps to Making Money Online Selling on Ebay
    Making money online selling on Ebay is another income stream, it was for me. I learned quite a few lessons selling on EBay after spending month's learning it the hard way. Here are 4 steps to help you sell on Ebay.
  • Do You Want to Diet or Lose Weight?
    We diet to lose weight, but what if I told you dieting leads to weight gain? The U.S. spends $61 billion a year on weight loss products, yet they're ranked as the 2nd fattest country in the world. How is this possible?
  • Did You Know You Can Sell Your Structured Settlement?
    Each year, the U.S. funds $6 billion into structured settlements for plaintiffs involved in injuries. Structured settlements offer an agreed upon payment over a period of time, but what if it's too low or you're ready to receive the entire amount?
  • How to Take Charge of Your Wedding Planning
    Getting married is the natural progression of a man and woman in love. Though the wedding day is memorable, planning it is nothing short of stressful. I, a man, coordinated our wedding with my wife's help of course. Here's what I learned.
  • 7 NBA Players Accused of Using Steriods
    Major League Baseball, Football, Track and Field test for performance enhancing drugs. The NBA doesn't. Who knows how many players have taken steroids. Here are 7 NBA players who are accused of taking steroids.
  • 5 Things to Consider when Buying a Home
    Buying a home is an exhilarating feeling. Those lucky enough to buy a home, understand the importance of reviewing the loan documents and home with attention to detail.
  • How Do You Clean Your Athletic Hat: 5 Easy Ways
    I own two hats and a boat load of beanies. After the summer months, I find myself cleaning my hats, to remove the stench of sweat. I've picked up several ways to clean my hat. Here are five such ways to clean your hat.
  • Weight Loss Supplements: Understanding Garcinia Cambogia Extract
    Nearly 2/3 of the U.S. population is obese. Many of us cannot escape the relentless pressure of fast food, but those who search for weight loss regimens and supplements, Garcinia Cambogia extract may provide relief.
  • 3 Little-Known Factors that Could Affect Your Success in College
    Hundreds of thousands of students attend college each year, but only a small percentage finish their degree program. As a college professor, I deal with students who defeat themselves before starting a course. This is cause for concern.
  • Infertility in Men: How I Improved the Quality of My Sperm
    Many believe infertility hits only women, but men are half the problem too. I learned this startling fact because of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), where results of my sperm analysis were anything but stellar, crippling my manhood and shattering my ego.
  • How to Choose a Degree Program
    Receiving an acceptance letter from a university out of high school is a great accomplishment. But before choosing a degree program, search career opportunities and the likelihood of obtaining one. Not all degrees are created equal.
  • Are Steroids Really Bad for Your Body?
    If you work out often, you notice the weight doesn't fall off as you expect. As sculpted bodies walk past you, you wonder how in the world are they doing it. Talk to a few of them and a few might suggest steroids. But should you take their advice?
  • What Not to Do When Applying for a Passport
    If you're thinking about traveling abroad for the first time, you're going need a passport. Visiting the state website for information on obtaining a passport may provide detailed instructions.
  • 3 Insurance Products You Can Live Without
    We see them on TV, on the radio and in the newspaper - insurance products. It's as if new products are created to safeguard against unforeseen events. Take a look at your insurance portfolio. I have. These are three products we can do without.
  • When DIY Auto Repairs Cost More Than a Dealership
    I own a relatively old Chevy Tahoe. Though I haven't had any major engine problems, I have replaced the rear passenger window motor, rear head rest parts and tuner buttons for the stock GM radio.
  • SEO: You Can Increase Your Page Ranking with or Without Paying for It
    I’ve written in the past about my journey as a freelance writer – things I learned, tips to maintain relevancy and protecting your online security. I became a freelance writer because I needed to supplement my income.
  • How to Turn a Poem into a Video
    Most of the items needed to complete my poetry video were easily found online. Perform a search for either term and a plethora of sites appear. After that it was a matter of figuring out how to put it all together.
  • Tips to Protect Your Online Security
    Raise your hand if you use the Internet to complete schoolwork, telecommute, talk with friends through social media, read the newspaper, pay bills or check your bank account. Ok…ok you can put your hand down.
  • The Most Important Freelance Writing Tip
    As an analyst in my full-time job, I’m taught to find out how things tick. Therefore, learning new concepts about school, writing or finance is a task I gladly accept. I mention this because I branched out of my analyst role and began freelance writing.
  • Is Gambling Good for the Economy?
    Hordes of people flock to casino's near and far, clamoring over the latest slot machine. Many understand their hard earned money will seldom bring home major winnings, yet they continue to invest millions into the local communities housing casinos.
  • The Air in Your Home May Be Toxic
    Did you know the air in your home may be unhealthier than the air outside? I often kept the windows in my home closed to keep smog and pollutants out. But an ill ventilated home is as toxic as breathing air directly from an exhaust pipe.
  • 4 Budget Friendly Christmas Gifts
    As Christmas rapidly approaches, finding the perfect gift for family and friends will send us to countless stores. But not all of us have the money to get everyone a gift. Here are 4 budget friendly Christmas gifts to help your cause.
  • Express Imprint’s Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Beer Lovers
    Everyone deserves to let off steam after a long day at work. It may be an ice-cold beer, a couch and a date with a favorite sports team with or without friends. Ladies, this may be your boyfriend or husband.
  • Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Gold
    Since the pharaohs of Egypt some 5,000 years ago, people gained financial prominence gathering jewelry and precious metals such as copper, silver, gold and platinum. Through the centuries, gold has transcended artifacts and household products.
  • Personalize Your Home with Wall Stickers
    Most families spend the majority of their time in the living room. After a long day’s work, sprawling out on the couch or on the carpet makes the living room all the more pleasurable. Why not increase the aesthetics with wall stickers?
  • What’s the Hype About Weight Loss Pills?
    I was watching Dr. Oz on his primetime TV show the a while back as he discussed an all-natural weight loss diet pill called Garcinia Cambogia. As usual, I was skeptical because magic weight loss pills don’t exist.
  • Why Structured Settlements Make Cents
    Individuals with limited financial knowledge should think long and hard about managing a large anticipated settlement. As a financial and budget analyst for nearly a decade, I’ve seen countless individuals spend money on frivolous things.
  • How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Vanity Top
    Remodeling your home may be an expensive and time consuming project, but it is a surefire way to turn an ordinary house into a gem.
  • Most Valuable SEO Tips from Masters to Rookies
    Why not appeal to specialized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques which can boost your online web engine searches and make you come up on the top results in plenty of keyword combinations?
  • Condolences, Funeral Poems and Sympathy Poems
    Condolences, funeral poems and sympathy poems for the loss of a mother, child, father, pet and loved one. Find solace in these poems about death.
  • Commentary: Bradley Manning Verdict Fair in This Veteran's Eyes
    Bradley Manning's verdict is fair. Hard to believe an intelligence analyst would disseminate classified information and think it wouldn't get in the hands of the enemy. But many of us weren't in the courtroom to hear the evidence.
  • Make Money Online: My Secret to Easy Money Online
    Make money online by blogging and freelance writing is a surefire way, but I supplement my paycheck offering services on This is my secret to making money online with Fiverr. It's not a get rich scheme. Just sound money making information.
  • Writing Your First Blog Post – is it Hard?
    Writing your first blog post is something every aspiring blogger business owner must do. Blogging is a normal way of life for many who earn an income doing so. You can too. Here is my advice on writing your first blog post.
  • Aaron Hernandez's Bright Future Darkened with Murder Charges
    Aaron Hernandez had it all. Money. Fame. A first-string position on a perennial super bowl contending team. A beautiful daughter. And despite the world in his hands, he couldn’t keep his anger in check. Is it football’s fault?
  • Father's Day Poem: What is a Dad?
    What is a dad poem? Think long and hard about that question. As we search the world over for poems about dad, the greatest gift for father’s day is you--his child.
  • Father's Day Love Poem: Giving You Praise when Others Haven't by Joshua Cintron
    A father's day poem for my dad. He doesn't get credit for doing a fabulous job with me. I don't say thank you to him enough so let this love poem be the start.
  • What Everybody Ought to Know About Technology
    The “T” word. Can you define it? Simply put, technology is the gas burner beneath the cauldron of society that uses people as its ladles.
  • 5 Skills Every Student Needs to Be Successful in College
    So, you’re watching the Big Bang Theory and on comes a commercial from University of Phoenix. More than likely they'll showcase a previous student and how it changed their life and it’ll move you. You’ll think, “I can do that.” So you enroll and start you
  • 3 Tips to Become a Better Boss and Supervisor
    For those who brave early morning wake-ups to a never-ending battle at work, the last thing anyone wants to hear before having a blistering cup of Starbucks coffee is a boss that storms into their cubicle barking orders.
  • How I Used Bad Money Advice to Set Financial Goals
    Credit card debt is eating up my disposable income because my dad told me bad money advice. Well not anymore. 2013 is the year I get out of the rabbit hole credit card debt has put me in. Here's what I'm going to do.
  • How Does He Really Feel About a Low Sperm Count?
    Have you wondered what a man really think's about his low sperm count? It can't be all that bad can't it? The short of the story is that it matters significantly.
  • Infertility is an Epidemic that Must Be Taught in Schools
    Infertility is an epidemic. Today, more women and men alike experience the daunting task of not being able to conceive naturally. They're told for some odd reason they won't or can't have kids.
  • Poems About Life: The Beat of My Heart
    Poems about life, the beat of my heart. This is a poem, a poem about the quiet thumping of my beating heart. Though I meander through life, I hardly hear its heart beat.
  • Poems About Valentine's Day
    Poems about Valentine's day, what does it mean to you? Do you accept the definition of others ? This poem is heartfelt, from the soul of a man, husband and father. It is his gift to his wife.
  • Valentine's Day Ideas: Message in a Bottle
    Looking for a Valentine's day idea? How about a message in a bottle? This idea will blow your loved one away. Follow these steps for your message in a bottle.
  • Poems About Dreams: The Voices in My Head
    A poem about the battle to release freedom from the hostage doubt is.
  • Religious Poems: Living Life as a Christian
    Religious poems about living life as a Christian means living according to the Good Book - the Holy Bible. It's hard to walk as a Christian but we're called to "Walk perfect as He did."
  • Lakers Contenders with Steve Nash at the Helm
    “Yo Steve (Nash), can you stay healthy the whole season?” ‘Cause if you do, ain’t nobody stopping you or the Los Angeles Lakers. Nobody.
  • Poems About God: You Are the Ultimate Healer
    Poems about God in response to the Newton Connecticut tragedies. This spiritual poem delves into the internal battle of wills. Is God to blame?
  • Refinancing Helped Me Pay Off $55,000 in Debt
    It was 2006, and my wife and I were besieged with debt. I worked at a community college earning poverty-level wages, while my wife worked at a middle school earning less than poverty-level wages. It was truly trying times.
  • What's Wrong with the Lakers? a Fan's Take
    Princeton office what? This is the LA Lakers! You got Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, and you want to run the Princeton offense? Like Chris Carter on NFL live says, "Come on man!"
  • Poems About Life: What is Consciousness
    Poems about life is a personal poem about conscious thought and the need to listen to the voice inside each of our minds.
  • Poems About Life and Destiny: What Am I?
    Poems about life and destiny is a personal poem about who I am. Do you question who you are, where you came from and what you're supposed to do?
  • Poem About Love for Her: Poemas De Amor
    Poem about love for her is a poemas de amor, a love poem to my wife. If you're a married man, do think of the abounding love your wife requires? Do you seek out time to give her the love from a man she earnestly needs?
  • The Real Housewives of New Jersey – a Man’s Take
    I’m not the reality show loving kind of guy expect for TUF, Jersey Shore, The Real World, Big Brother, but on Sundays after 9:00 p.m. there doesn’t seem to be anything else to watch.
  • Can the Lakers Win Another Championship?
    B-ball is back! And the LA Lakers are on a mission to reclaim what was stolen from them last year, an NBA championship.
  • What Makes Kobe Bryant so Good?
    He’s arguably one of the greatest closers of this era, perhaps of any era on the NBA hardwood. It’s safe to say his accomplishments throughout his illustrious 16-year career with one franchise, the Los Angeles Lakers, will make him the greatest baller
  • Los Angeles Lakers Eyeing NBA Championship #17
    Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers? Get out here! Hey David Stern, how you like them apples? Ha-ha!
  • Parenting Tip: Lose All the Weight You Can Before Having Kids
    I’ve been a father four months and let me tell you, the loops on my belt are running out. My weight’s ballooning. Before my twins arrived, mothers|fathers told me two important tips.
  • Why 4th of July is Important to Me - an Air Force Veteran's Perspective
    The national anthem hardly meant anything to me before joining the United States Air Force. I associated it with collegiate and professional sports.
  • A Journey Through ICSI
    So, you’ve been trying to get pregnant for some time. No success right? Right about now, you and your spouse are looking into seeing a doctor to find out what the problem is.
  • I'm Not in Love with You Anymore - a Husband's Journey Through Divorce
    “Do you take this woman, to have and to hold, through sickness and health, till’ death do you part?”
  • Playing with Fire on 4th of July - a Personal Story
    Each year, July brings about a time to embrace the beauty of America. Generally, the memory of this holiday fades from those who inhabit this great country.
  • Does Sharing a Language Mean We Share the Culture?
    As a 3rd generation Latino- American, viewing my family history has been just that, viewing. I never delved into the differences between my grandfather and I. Shoot, just talking to my dad, I found, he’s more distant from society than most.
  • What's the Meaning of Fourth of July Poem
    Hardly any know why we celebrate this special day, so not create a poem to say it a poetic way? With only four sonnets to read, I guarantee it'll be short, sweet, and what America needs.
  • Life After the Military, a Journey like No Other
    If there’s one thing a veteran of the US military must face, it’s translating his or her military job into the professional world. It isn’t easy. Most military service members choose careers at 18, 19, or 20. How do they know what career to choose when li
  • Poems About Summertime: Enjoying the Suns' Beauty
    A poem about summer time and enjoying the beauty of the sun. Bodies of every type squeeze into bathing suits, embracing the ambiance of the whole beach event.
  • Father's Day Poem for a Man like You by Joshua Cintron
    This is a father's day poem that tells of a life dads must live. I know it doesn't take away from their worries but this poem can lighten the load and show that children do appreciate them.
  • You Think You're Retiring in 30 Years?
    Retirement, what’s that? For those in the prime of their professional career, retirement is a stone’s throw away. Well, it’s a couple decades away but from the looks of the first third of life, it’ll be here in no time.
  • Why Maintaining a Checkbook is Stressful
    So, funds in your bank account run low. Matter fact, when don’t they? Living check-to-check is a way of life for many of us. Maintaining a checkbook lets us know that each time a check is written. The balance dwindles penny by penny, dollar by dollar.
  • When Sex Bears No Child, What to Do Now?
    When sex bears no children, also know as infertility, where does one turn to? Is there hope for a small section of society that experiences this God awful disease?
  • Change Needed in Lakers Town, but Will it Come?
    For the second year in row, the Lakers are sitting at home, watching the playoffs. Championship or bust, that's the motto in LA.
  • Intelligence or Athleticism, Which Quarterback is Better?
    In an era of athleticism, intelligence is often forgotten in professional sports. Should intelligence win out over athleticism in the NFL when it comes to quarterbacks? History shows it does.
  • Veterans -- Lost Heroes of Time Long Ago
    Veterans become waste after their service to a country. The government attempts to "take care" of them, but fails miserably at it. Well, veterans are the foundation for current military members. They represent the bloodshed found in the American flag.
  • Graduation, a Feeling like No Other
    Students from high school to college, wait years for the single reason why they've enrolled in a degree program, to graduate. Bearing the grueling sun, graduates walk past peers toward center stage.
  • A Veteran's Take on Military Service in the United States Air Force
    Veteran, that is what men and women are called who shield America from the perils of life. This personal story chronicles a man whose life changed serving those he never met. It made a young boy into a man.
  • Los Angeles (LA) Supremacy
    Three teams in Los Angeles area make playoff history. A brief moment of euphoria for all Angelinos.
  • A Vehicle for the Ages: My Mitsubishi Eclispe GS-X
    What was the one vehicle you owned that you wish you could have? Recalling the good ol' days, when vehicle, whips, cars, or rides, were the in thing. They may still be, but age gets the best of us.

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