Jeremy Phelps

I was born in Oklahoma in the 1970s. A born and bred Sooner, I have attended OU sporting events since I was a child. You live and breath football in Oklahoma and I was no exception. Growing up I developed a love for movies and music during the 1980s. I played baseball and basketball in high school and developed a love for the Cubs as well as Sherlock Holmes stories. Following graduation from high school, I completed a BS in Zoology at the University of Oklahoma with a minor in British Literature. I finished medical school at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in 2004. In my spare time in medical school I took up restoring vintage video games and cabinets. I married soon after medical school and first experienced one of my current hobbies, scuba diving, on my honeymoon. We moved to New Mexico to complete my neurosurgery training during which time I earned an MBA degree and three kids joined the family. After training, we moved back to Oklahoma to start my practice. In my time here, I have put my MBA to use by starting a real estate investment firm. I am an active participant in the Boy Scouts of America program and serve as a leader in a local troop. My life has been full of numerous experiences and I am always looking to learn or try something new!
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