Angela Godbout

Angela Godbout

Alright, well, I guess I should be keeping it real in here. So here it goes. My name is Angela and I am a 41-year-old hormonal divorcee that has an older man in my life, two children of my own, a niece that I helped raise which has a daughter of her own. Many many other nieces and nephews that I adore as well.

For hobbies I love to write, even though I consistently forget to edit. Write and post. Oh well, sue me. Taking spontaneous trips with my man. Laughing and socializing are huge for me. Family is the biggest!!

I have a thing for all of my household consumable products to be healthy for me, my family and my pets, so I shop through an online company called Melaleuca. If you have never heard of them, or even if you have but never shop there, I highly recommend you to take another look. Go back to the person that first told you about them and open up your account. If you can’t remember who or are just hearing about them for the first time then, by all means, use my name. They have an amazing referral program that is almost as beneficial as their products. Seriously, if you have never heard of them go to and check the website out. Contact me for details or a complete overview if you would like and I will help get your shopping account with them. Can’t say enough great things about them.

Blogging is super fun for me. I love to write, especially in short little spurts. I don’t have the attention span to write a novel or anything like that so this is perfect for me.
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