Donna Thacker

Donna Thacker

Donna is an award- winning fiction author, recently published with Twin Trinity Media. While she enjoys writing fiction, Donna also has a knack for writing informative articles that show her knowledge and passion about the chosen subject. She sometimes has a unique style of allowing humor to show through, even on a serious topic.

As a self proclaimed motor head, country girl, she has a hands on knowledge on everything from classic cars to growing a garden. Donna is the proud owner of a 1969 GTO she has had for nearly 40 years and used to be an active member in classic car clubs. She also has extensive knowledge on all things motorcycle related.

The majority of her writing library is about a subject very dear to her heart. As an avid animal lover, Donna writes pet related material that she hopes will educate people on the care and well being of animals. Her two very spoiled Shih Tzu s are often the subject of her pet-related articles. Responsible pet ownership and the plight of animals in shelters is something she is very passionate about.

Donna is also accepting private cllients and can be reached by email at Need a great article? Just let her know what you want!
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I have taken some college writing courses, but am mostly a self made writer and photographer


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