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US Navy veteran, retired Department of Defense engineer with a interest in Wi-Fi & White Space Technology
New Castle County, Delaware

Is there Ethics in Culture? Can we define what Virtue Ethics is?
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  • PhD Program Causes Fiscal Failure
    I wish I had continued to take advantage of experiences from the past.
  • First Person: My Successful Late Retirement Plan
    I am now enjoying a comfortable retirement that I didn't start planning for until I was in my 40s.
  • The Middle East Family Feud
    There is and always will be a mental sickness that continues to grow worldwide at astonishing speed. This sickness first revealed itself in ancient human history. This mental disorder is known as Narcissism.
  • The Smoker's Pastime of Flicking Their Cigarette Butts Everywhere Puts Us in Danger
    A sudden brief movement of flicking a cigarette butt to the earth displays the careless attitude of smokers; it is a nasty habit that leads to massive littering, toxic pollution, destruction, and loss of life?
  • Sex Selective Abortions Worldwide
    There are choices made every day about abortion, a hotly disputed subject in the western world. This article addresses another side of the abortion issue and that is the practice of gendercide as a means of controlling population growth.
  • The Culling of the World Population by Design
    The whole world is set on a path for removing the unwanted; humans are killing each other, some by choice, and some by accident, others by sheer stupidity.
  • Americas’ Deadly Poison
    There is an old saying “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me.” There is no truth in this old saying. Malicious communication hurts, words can surely harm a person.
  • Shot Down Three Times and Suvived
    John Ross, now close to a century years-old has flown 96 missions over Europe, was shot down three times and presumed dead, but survived death and capture to become one of the most decorated US Army Air Corps pilots during WWII.
  • A Veteran’s View of What Independence Day in America Should Be About
    The American people do not appreciate the good life they have. When you make a comparison of the freedoms that are available in the USA and the rest of the world, their is a big difference.
  • A Vietnam Veteran's Return to Civilian Life
    It is amazing to see the difference in the public’s attitude towards the veterans of today. In my day as a returning veteran, the population’s attitude was one of disgust, in four decades the national attitude has become supportive and respectful.

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