Elaine Palentier

Elaine Palentier

Elaine is a technology enthusiast, a Mother of three, and into several hobbies. She enjoys anything from aqua-scape and gardening to martial arts and weight lifting. When she s not working on a computer or playing the latest games she likes to do things with her children. One of her daughters has a garden of her own that Elaine helps her with. There are 50 gallon and 10 gallon fish tanks that the whole family cares for. Every week she goes to aikido and works out at the gym.

Elaine is Florida born and bred, having lived in five different cities across central Florida. She grew up fishing, riding bicycles and practicing martial arts. At 17 she graduated High school early and with in two years was accepted at Florida Technical College. She finished her 2yr degree in 2007. She hopes to continue her education further one day by going to Embry Riddle for the Homeland Security Degree.
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  • Dreams
    Dreaming comes to many in different ways. This is a poem about dreaming in all five senses and dreaming of things one would usually not be able to do in today's world.
  • Children's Delight
    Winter comes and for children the magic begins with gently falling snow. It coats the world outside, turning it into a world of magic for young eyes. This poem is a celebration of children's love of snow.
  • The Many Uses of Roleplay
    Roleplaying has been used in many way through out time. It has been used for fun, job interviews, training and even therapy.
  • Soul's Desire
    Some things in life bring us so much joy it is hard to describe. This poem captures my love of flight as best as I can describe it.
  • How to Make a Character in 3.5e Dungeons and Dragons
    D&D is one of the largest and longest surviving table top games on the market and even though the game comes out with newer versions, older versions are just as loved and played. This guide helps with character creation for 3.5e.
  • The Open Road
    Sometimes we end up on roads we never thought we'd travel. This poem is about my recent adventure from Florida to Indiana. It's the biggest move I have ever made and part of a fun adventure.
  • Light Upon the Dew
    This is a poem recounting the many mornings I spent before school. I loved how the light would brighten everything as dawn broke across the world around me.
  • Petitions Show a Nation Divided
    The election has been a cause of great divide between the people of the United States and now there is visible proof that people want change.
  • Cheers to the Sun
    Nothing says baseball like the roar of a weekend crowd when the ball goes flying.
  • The Importance of Customer Service in Call Centers
    Whether you are in a standard customer service position or in technical support, providing the customer with the best experience ever is important.
  • Beginner's Guide to Aquascaping
    Few things are more beautiful in a home than a well put together fish tank. Come check several simple tips and techniques for making your fish tank a true joy in your home and a topic for discussion.
  • Heroes of Olympic Might
    Modern day legends are made every four years to the sound of thunderous applause as they struggle to overcome the obstacles set before them. Who wins and who goes home is determined by the will to succeed against all diversity; a true warrior's will.
  • Holley Mangold: An Inspiration
    Holley is in an excellent position to inspire American girls and women to pursue their dreams regardless of what society tell them.
  • Heartbreak and Hope
    Hope, compassion, and understanding lace their themes into this poem of broken love.
  • Healing Song
    A poem about the power of friendship being able to heal.
  • Great Hobbies for Kids
    Today's world is a busy place. We don't always have time or the resources to teach our kids the necessary skills in a challenging and competitive society. However by helping our kids establish a few hobbies we can help them grow and learn.
  • A Bond Beyond Worlds
    The extraordinary occurs even in the most unlikely of places. This is a tale of supernatural intervention and beginning of a new journey.
  • The True Meaning of the Red, White, and Blue
    Sometimes its good to stop and consider the origin of things. Enjoy your Fourth of July with a burst of fireworks and most importantly with the family. Here is a poem to celebrate our country.
  • Waiting Forever: A Summer Traveler's Tale
    A trip that doesn't even cross half the state of Florida should be easy right? It's only a few hours drive and everyone's happy. That is until, you're waiting for the next bus!
  • The Flowers of Summer
    Summer comes and all the flowers burst into vibrant color. This poem celebrates the beauty of a summer garden.

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