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Kay Grant is a freelance writer looking to broaden her horizons.
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  • Am I Not a Believer?
    We as believers often let our fears and concerns consume us. But if we'd take a moment to analyze this behavior, we'd soon realize that it discredits the one in whom we claim to believe. We'd soon question our faith.
  • Commentary: State of the Union Address Poignant and Encouraging
    A couple of issues in the President's State of the Union address struck a particular chord with me...
  • A Beacon of Light
    The cares of life can make for some very dark days, whether it’s poor health, tough economic times, a wayward child, a troubled marriage, or a combination of these things. Where do we find the guidance, strength and encouragement to move forward?
  • Chandra Levy Case Opens Old Wounds
    Secretive hearings and public speculation indicate that a new chapter in the story of Chandra Levy is underway. Despite a conviction, the case is apparently far from over.
  • The Over 40 Skin Care Hit List
    The products on this skin care hit list are must haves for maintaining beautiful skin at age 40 and beyond. Fight fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and a lackluster complexion with these budget friendly hits.
  • Left in the Dust by the Weight-Loss Bandwagon
    Losing weight for health reasons makes the process easier, right? Well not so much, but it certainly gives one the inspiration to keep at it. Keeping at it, is what gets it done.
  • Fighting Father Time: 3 Newly Discovered Anti-aging Antioxidants
    These little known antioxidants can help slow the aging process. Add them to your diet and reap the many benefits which include fat burning, skin preservation and improved memory.
  • Sip Off the Weight -- 4 Drinks that Promote Weight Loss
    Sip your way to weight loss with these tried and true methods. These natural measures are sure to help melt away excess pounds. They are inexpensive, simple, stress free tips that promote weight loss.
  • Got Flu? Team Mobilized to Fight Flu in Maryland
    The University of Maryland is seeking paid participants for a flu study.
  • Norman Schwarzkopf's Legacy Lives On
    A well respected Army general made his mark on military society and the world. His accomplishments left a lasting impression and a great legacy that will inspire those who aspire to become a leader of his caliber.
  • Jerry Sandusky: What's the Verdict?
    Jerry Sandusky's son drops a bomb and exposes that Sandusky abused him too! Sandusky's wife gives dramatic testimony at the trial. The jury has reached a verdict in this captivating case that has gripped national attention.
  • July 4th Celebrations in Washington, DC
    Looking for something to get into this coming July 4th? Whether you live in the Washington area or are planning a visit, check out this list of festivities that you simply will not want to miss.

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