Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black

Besides her job as a freelance writer, Rebecca Black -- the Polite One -- is a small business owner, credentialed teacher, etiquette specialist, and dedicated creator and writer of Etiquette Now! and Got Etiquette. She and her partner present workshops and classes for groups of all sizes--businesses and individuals. Creating unique classes, lesson plans, books and booklets, as well as writing articles for her sites and others, is her daily routine. She also answers etiquette questions.

Viewed as a talented public speaker and internationally recognized etiquette specialist, all forms of media-- including many local and nationally recognized television networks--frequently interview Rebecca.

Additionally, besides her vocation as etiquette consultant and writer, she is lifelong learner who is passionate about technology, animals, cooking, wine and travel.

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An etiquette specialist with a passion for animals and travel.


BA Interdisciplinary Studies; Focus: English and Psychology; Received Teaching Degree; Goal is PhD in psychology


I want to help the world to be a more civil place one act of kindness at a time.

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