Lauren Frances

Lauren Frances

Lauren Frances is an internationally acclaimed love and relationships expert, author and seminar leader. She is also the discreet go-to love expert for Hollywood s A-list celebrities, and her love coaching practice spans the globe.

Lauren has been featured on BRAVO, EXTRA, VH1, OXYGEN, NBC, KTLA, FRANCE 3,and FOX, amongst others.

Lauren authored Dating, Mating, and Manhandling: The Ornithological Guide to Men (Crown 2006) now translated into eight languages, and now available as a fun eBook, too.

Her Romantic Reboot Live Tele-classes and Cyberflirt Podcast Programs for online daters have been called Pure Gold and have launched countless love lives.

Ms. Frances regularly speaks for corporations and conventions, and did personal appearances for Victoria s Secret as their Flirt Fairy on a national tour for the launch of Very Sexy Makeup, and her Man Magnet Makeovers, and Unhex Your Heart Weekend workshops are regularly offered at hotspots in Los Angeles, New York City, and Paris.

Lauren s essays on modern romance, dating, and relationships, first appeared in Flaunt Magazine. She interviewed celebrities and Hollywood s elite about their thoughts on love, romance, and sex in her fun insider column, called The Hollywood Dating Food Chain.

Since then, she s been featured in Glamour Magazine, Elle Magazine, Life and Style, Okay Magazine, Mens Health, Los Angeles Magazine, Star Magazine, InTouch Magazine, Emotion Magazine, JDate Magazine, Stern Magazine, The Huffington Post, Yahoo Homepage, iVillage, PopSugar, & Yahoo, amongst others.

For more info about Lauren and upcoming seminars, just email or call the Institute at 323.651.2421.
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