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Deirdre Gilbert

Deirdre Dickson-Gilbert is a woman on the move. She is a Motivational Speaker, Radio Talk Show Host of “LIFE”, part of Kingdom View Network, Entrepreneur, Author and CEO/President of Jocelyn Y. Dickson Foundation for Life. Her inspiring stories of triumph has captivated audiences and made her a highly respected and sought after speaker for audiences such as book clubs, church organizations, conferences and Borders Book Stores.

She is a teacher, author, entrepreneur, songwriter and play writer. She was born and raised in Houston and the only daughter of Lovella “Hayes” Dickson who exposed her to the written and spoken word at an early age. Throughout her upbringing, Deirdre paid close attention to her mother who when she opened her mouth spoke with GRACE. It’s no wonder Deirdre had a passion for writing. In 2007, Deirdre released her first book entitled “Can I Just Have a Little Bit? A Little Bit of What! It has been revised and is available as an e-book on A new book will be coming soon to coordinate with documentary to be released in 2012. Deirdre is also working as Executive Producer with Creole Productions on a grassroots initiative documentary “The Best Little TORT” House in Texas that will bring awareness about medical negligence.

Deirdre has been featured in Saved Magazine along with other powerful women in ministry such as Joyce Meyers, Beautifully Said Magazine, she has also been featured on Bill Russell’s Car Talk on Michael Harris Show, KCOH 1430AM, and Michelle Hardin’s Radio Broadcast “Singles for a Season Cruise. Deirdre debuted in her first stage play “What a Man What a Man”, produced, written and directed by acclaimed gospel artist Mona Moore. She is the writer of the new play “When Will It Be My Turn, written and directed by Deirdre D. Gilbert-Dickson.
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Edmund Burke All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing


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    In a survey of 1,600 physicians by Columbia University's Institute of Medicine as a profession revealed that 46 percent of the doctors in the survey had witnessed "serious" medical errors by their colleagues without reporting them.
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    Dan Cathy, President of Chick-fil-A recently made a comment towards anti-gay organizations that has stemmed serious controversy across the nation.
  • "SEPSIS" is in TEXAS TOO Are Doctors Incompetent?
    The willful and wanton negligence standard effectively codifies a lower standard of healthcare for emergency medical care. (Tex.App.-Houston (14th Dist) 1994, no writ) discusses how a "willful and wanton" standard diminishes the standard of care.

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