Wessie Emmert

Wessie Emmert

Welcome readers! Well, now that, that is over with, my name is Wessie Emmert.

What am I? I am: A professional, a writer (at least I try), a lover, a fighter, a food lover, a computer nut, an internet surfer, a programmer, home improver, and above all else I am me.

I enjoy being a reviewer of products and features (for my family), and I enjoy using all of the best technology (while it s still chained to the store shelf), and I love playing online games (using my friend s WiFi...just kidding I own my own internet), and I love to have fun (in the sun).

I m an avid Android / Open source / Windows user all the way, however, I do own Apple products because my wife just loves Apple. Consequently, the Open Source gods look down on me with scorn for my Apple use...in other words, I m better than I would like to be at using them.

I am extremely excited to begin to write for the Yahoo Contributor Network, perhaps I ll find my voice, perhaps they ll give me wings (or I could just drink a red-bull).

Thank you.
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Some College: Purdue, ITT Tech, enrolled at Allied American University.


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