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Teresa B

I have owned and operated an antiques store since 2001. I enjoy reading and writing poetry. Photography is a new passion of mine as well.
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  • Treasured Memories
    This is a tribute to my father who passed away 15 years ago.
  • City Under the Sea
    A poem written after returning home from vacation in Cozumel, Mexico. The snorkeling was fantastic!
  • Did You Hear...?
    A poem about gossip and rumors and the dangers of spreading them on.
  • Ache
    A poem I wrote when I was feeling down. It describes how my heart aches so deeply.
  • Images
    A poem about how things can look the same but be so different, such as how a butterfly looks like the petals of the flowers.
  • The Key
    A poem about how hate and anger will eat away at you. You can find peace with forgiveness.
  • Acorns (Haiku)
    A little Haiku poem about walking in the park.
  • Long Beach
    This is a poem a wrote last February while on vacation in Long Beach, California.
  • Robin
    The other day a little robin was sitting on our porch swing under our covered patio. He sat a very long time and posed for the camera. Read the poem and find out the rest of the story.
  • Olympic Haiku
    Just a little haiku poem about the Olympics.
  • The Tree or We
    A poem comparing trees to people.
  • Poem: Again
    Poem about thoughts, pain, sadness.

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