Timothy Sexton

Timothy Sexton

Timothy Sexton was honored by being named the very first Writer of the Year of Associated Content, now known as Yahoo! Contributor Network.

Timothy has published two novels and contributed chapters to Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy, Jeopardy and Philosophy and Jurassic Park and Philosophy and Dracula and Philosophy.

His more than 12,000 articles have appeared on this site as well as USAtoday.com, Livestrong.com, 1stbirthdayideas.com, ConnectEd.com, Ehow.com, Dogcare.com, Disaboom.com, Essortment.com, Golflink.com, CreditCards.com, Golfsmith.com, HappyNews.com, Homeremodeling.com, Local.com, Howtobecomeamodel.com, Life123.com, Mania.com, ManoftheHouse.com, Mastersoccer.net, MOJOHD.com, MyRide.com, Overstock.com, PopEater.com, Software.com, TheAccidentalArtist.com, TheFrisky.com, Trails.com, Yellowbook.com, Zoombak.com, Zappos.com and WellnessEssentials.com.

His articles have been referenced in books that include The Reckless Life...of Marlon Brando, Scarface Nation, International Marketing, Brandishing the First Amendment, The Trickster and Incentive!

After graduating from the University of West Florida with a BA in English, Mr. Sexton taught literature and was twice honored with inclusion in Who s Who Among America s Teachers. His academic articles have been included in the curricula at Vanderbilt University, Central Texas College, City University of New York, St. Mary s High School of Rutherford, NJ., the Lower Danube University of Galati, Romania, Georgia Tech Univ., Temple Univ., University of Southern California, University of Illinois, University of Texas-Arlington, Mazenod College and the University of Pennsylvania.
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