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Anthony Nguyen

Anthony is a current undergraduate doubling majoring in applied mathematics and philosophy at Florida State University. He enjoys reading and writing about philosophy, social change, college, recent news, and other interesting topics. He is a first-generation Vietnamese American that works hard in school to get As, a 35 ACT score, and a 2190 SAT score. He sees the sky as the limit and strives to achieve his potential in all his interests. He dreams of becoming a full-fledged actuary that philosophizes as a hobby. He is a contemplative and reflective person that values knowledge and education very strongly.
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Saint Petersburg High International Baccalaureate Program, current Florida State University undergraduate


"All men, by nature, desire knowledge." -Aristotle


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  • Friedrich Nietzsche's Moral Philosophy: A Summary
    Friedrich Nietzsche asserts a moral that is "beyond good and evil."
  • Arthur Schopenhauer's Ethical Theory: An Introduction and Refutation
    Arthur Schopenhauer, a unique German philosopher, argues that feelings of compassion, not reason, are the root of all ethics. His ethical theory suggests that we should all come to accept that the value of others' well-being is equal to that of our own.
  • Aristotle's Ethical Theory: An Introduction
    Aristotle, an extremely influential Ancient Greek philosopher, argues that the attainment of eudaimonia, or " human well-being," is the goal of the ethical person's life. Yet his ethical theory remains incomplete and speaks only in generalities.
  • Catechins: Why Green Tea Bestows so Many Health Benefits
    Why is green tea so healthy for us? It isn't rocket science- certain compounds called catechins seem to be responsible. Furthermore, see how to maximize the health benefits received from drinking tea.
  • Mitt Romney Not Looking Trustworthy
    Mitt Romney seems less like a trustworthy candidate in the upcoming presidential elections due to his refusal to submit further tax returns, his desperate appeal to Latino voters, and his inappropriate "47 percent" remark.
  • Barack Obama Composed as Mitt Romney Fumbles
    Mitt Romney made inappropriate remarks regarding the recent attacks on Americans overseas. Furthermore, he continues to badger Barack Obama for not meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister. Mitt Romney loses support in the upcoming presidential elections.
  • Commentary: Barack Obama Gains Ground After RNC
    Barack Obama clearly and confidently spoke at the Democratic National Convention, whereas Mitt Romney failed to impress at the Republican National Convention. I, still an undecided voter, am currently being swayed towards Obama's side.
  • Commentary: After RNC, Romney Can't Sway this Undecided Voter
    I, an undecided voter, have been swayed more to Barack Obama's side after Mitt Romney's lackluster performance at the Republican National Convention. Furthermore, Obama more clearly outlines his own views and plans than Romney does.
  • An Easy Explanation of Kantian Ethics
    Kantian ethics are a popular form of deontological ethics, or ethics based on duty and not consequences. Immanuel Kant relies on the categorical imperative, which furthermore relies on objective reasoning, in order to develop his ethics.
  • Ending World Poverty and World Hunger: What, Why, and How
    Almost a billion people on the planet suffer from extreme hunger and absolute poverty. It is imperative that the international community works to fight preventable human suffering. Still, we must determine how to end hunger in the developing world.
  • The Ideal Three-Day Trip to Orlando
    Learn what an ideal three-day trip to Orlando, FL would be like from a native Floridian. While everyone knows about the big attractions like Disney's Magic Kingdom and Epcot, you still have other great options of things to do in Orlando.
  • Does Violence in Video Games Cause Violence in Real Life?
    Whether or not video games and violence are linked is a hot debate among psychologists today. While two major American psychological associations agree that video games probably cause violence in real life, experts at Harvard University disagree.
  • Hard Choice Between Obama, Romney in 2012 Election
    I am an undecided voter who will have his first say in who goes in the White House in the upcoming presidential election. While I personally support Obama's more liberal approach to social issues, Romney may have a better economic plan.
  • Bertrand Russell on Happiness
    Bertrand Russell's philosophy of happiness focuses on how we need difficulties in life, as well as a desire for life itself, in order to attain happiness. Learn more about what Russell had to say about happiness in this article.
  • NASA Rover, Curiosity, Protects Future Space Exploration
    NASA rover Curiosity, the most technologically advanced Mars rover thus far, will investigate if it is possible that there was ever life on Mars. Also, the successful landing of Curiosity may have saved NASA and thus future space exploration by Americans.
  • Determinism's Relation to Free Will
    Many people seem to think of determinism to be the antithesis of free will. While hard determinism does preclude free will's existence, soft determinism is a more popular theory that in which a form of determinism co-exists with free will.
  • How to Discover the Meaning of Dreams
    What is a dream? What are the meaning of my dreams? We have all asked ourselves such questions before. In this article, learn about popular psychological explanation of dreams and how to perform your own dream interpretation.
  • Epictetus on Happiness
    Epictetus, a symbol of Stoic and Roman philosophy, states that the true path to happiness requires that we use our reasoning to value what we can control and to place virtue as the only thing that is intrinsically good. Learn more about Epictetus here!
  • What Sleep Does for Our Health
    Sleep is an essential part of our lives, yet so many people don't understand why we need to sleep and, even worse, many people impose sleep deprivation of themselves to the detriment of their health. In this article, learn what sleep can do for you.
  • Why Moral Relativism Is Not a Valid Philosophy of Ethics
    Moral relativism, the ethical philosophy that states that all ethical codes are correct relative to those that ascribe to them, is popular nowadays. Moral relativism, however, is not a tenable ethical position.
  • Meditation Effectively Relieves Clinical Depression
    The psychiatric community recently is opening their eyes to the positive impact of meditation on mental health, especially in regards to treatment of depression. Recent controlled experiments provide scientific evidence for meditation's effectiveness.
  • Why an Ivy League School like Harvard University Might Not Be a Good Choice
    We all know why someone would want to go to an ivy league school like Harvard University-for the prestige, huge school endowment, and promise of a successful life. But high school seniors should remember to consider the college's fit.
  • Post-Surgery Wisdom Teeth Removal Care
    Most people will suffer from impacted wisdom teeth and require wisdom teeth removal sometime in their lives. In this article get a quick summary of why impacted wisdom teeth need to be extracted and how to survive after the oral surgery.
  • Actuary: One of the Best Jobs You've Never Heard of that Only Requires a Bachelor's Degree
    In this article, discover why actuaries enjoy great careers. They are in high demand, enjoy great salaries, and work with interesting and important information all the time. In fact, it is the second best job in America according to 2012 rankings.
  • Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day Rakes in Customers at St. Petersburg Location
    Despite promises to protest Chick-fil-A , one St. Petersburg location seems unaffected by the Chick-fil-A controversy; in fact, business appears to have picked up on Appreciation Day.
  • Sleep Paralysis Associated with Terrifying Hallucinations
    Sleep paralysis can cause terrifying hallucinations that have exacerbated the popular belief in demons throughout the ages. Most people that suffer from sleep paralysis may be unaware of what is actually going on and begin to suspect the supernatural.
  • The Core Principles of Existentialism
    Existentialism is a philosophy that focuses on the individual's experience in a world devoid of intrinsic meaning where everyone has the freedom to create his or her own meaning of life. In this article, learn about existentialism's philosophy.
  • 8 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight
    Whether suffering from insomnia or not, we all have sleeping problems at one point or another. In this article, discover some easy ways to sleep better and stop hopelessly toss and turning as soon as possible!
  • Peter Singer's Utilitarian Solution to World Poverty
    Peter Singer, a very controversial yet immensely modern philosopher, preaches a utilitarian approach to the global issue of poverty. While this approach appeals to an intuitive sense of ethics, the practical implications of such a philosophy are huge.
  • Why Socrates Matters
    Socrates is hailed almost unanimously by philosophers as a significant figure from Ancient Greek philosophy. He had a lot to say about ethics and the ignorance of mankind to the truth.
  • Why Brown Rice Beats White Rice
    Brown rice is already well known to be much more healthy than its popular cousin, white rice. Yet, most Americans still choose white rice over brown rice. The healthy change towards eating more brown rice can have significant health benefits.
  • Friedrich Nietzche on Happiness
    Nietzche argues that our quest for happiness may prevent us from achieving excellence, or at least, our potential. Why should we not strive to aim for constructive pain and suffering, which will make us stronger and better persons afterwards?
  • What is Sleep Apnea and Why Does it Matter?
    Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where one's breathing is interrupted during sleep by brief, but usually frequent, pauses. This condition prevents one from receiving adequate oxygen and not treating it seriously can have grave ramifications.
  • The Scourge of Moral Relativism in Today's Ethics
    The plethora of ethical codes that pervade modern society today make it difficult for one to confidently take an absolutist stance on right and wrong. But this stance of moral relativism will eventually lead society to embrace ethical nihilism.
  • Do You Believe Your Five Senses?
    Our five senses-sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste-probably don't reveal the world as it truly is. If so, the foundations of empiricism, and thus science, may be undermined. Plato and Rene Descartes provide insight into why we cannot trust our senses.
  • Why America Should Legalize Marijuana Now
    While medical marijuana is legal in some states, that is not enough. We need to completely legalize marijuana in order to decrease marijuana drug use, save the government billions of dollars, create jobs, and give freedom of choice back to the people.
  • Fall 2012 Arts and Crafts Festivals in the Tampa Bay Area
    Do you want to see some arts and craft festivals in the Tampa Bay area? Well then, read on to hear details about some of the best art festivals you can go to during this Fall!
  • Why the Water Crisis Can and Should Be Resolved Now
    In regards to solving the water crisis, you can have your cake and eat it too. Its resolution will not be resource-intensive, will inspire international cooperation, will benefit the global economy, and will end massive preventable human suffering.
  • Why Rene Descartes' "I Think, Therefore I Am" Does Not Prove Our Existence
    Descartes' famous "cogito ergo sum" is the most famous argument used to prove human existence through logic. It, however, contains logical fallacies that can make our existential doubts legitimate while undermining the rest of Descartes' philosophy.

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