Kimra Schleicher

Kimra Schleicher

I was born and raised in southern Indiana on a small farm. I grew up with all boys and gained a love for sports at an early age. My parents were very active in the local community as coaches with Little League and softball teams. My Mother played college basketball and my Father was a licensed high school basketball and football official. My next door neighbor was Mr. Basketball in the State of Indiana and I participated in many sports throughout high school just like my brothers. Upon graduation from college and law school, I began my career as an Attorney with a side job of coaching basketball at the collegiate level. Once my career became more demanding, I had to resign from coaching but my competitive spirit wanted more. My best friend called me one day and said we have one open spot in our local fantasy football league and asked me to play with a group of guys from Indianapolis. I had never participated in a fantasy football league but I loved football so I decided to play. My competitive side quickly became enamored with this new found hobby. My first year participating in fantasy football was in 2002! Since then, I have been incredibly blessed by meeting so many people who share the same passion that I have for fantasy football. I play in local leagues, the Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship, the Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship ( and several high stakes leagues in Las Vegas. I have won several high stakes leagues, contributed to several magazine publications, been a guest on local ESPN radio, appeared on Sirius Fantasy Radio with Footballdiehards and was the only person to have two teams to finish in the top 10 of the world championship of fantasy football in the same season (2010). Last year, I was truly humbled by having been selected as a recipient of the inaugural Toyota Fantasy Football Hall of Fame! I am so thankful to Toyota for blessing me with this opportunity! It was truly an amazing experience! Thank you Toyota!
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I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a JD Degree.


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