Greg Padgett

Greg Padgett

This auditor has always had a natural knack for numbers and when he is not defending the taxpayers dollars, he is making others pay on the fantasy gridiron.

Padgett is a man of mystery whom often sports a trademarked mask. Deep within Padgett s laid-back personality lives a hunger to dominate. He stays thirsty through his continuous involvement in only the highest of rewarding (especially in midst of this economy) and competitive natured leagues. Through his extensive knowledge and use of spreadsheets/pivot tables, highly sophisticated mathematical formulas, and love for football statistics; he prides himself on killing the draft , no one is more prepared. One recent victim whom would rather prefer to remain unknown stated that he annually drafts as if he knows exactly how the season will pan out... its remarkable.

Today, this icon is probably most notably known for coining the term handcuff into fantasy football circles. However, Padgett s legacy is far from complete. He strikes fear into his opponent by changing his teams name weekly, to clown his opponent s team name. Furthermore, he proceeds to post smack talk referring to himself in the second person. He has been referred to as the most interesting fantasy football player alive. He can often be found with an ear piece, to what exactly, is still unknown.

Those, whom have had the privilege to play alongside this Toyota Hall of Fame - The Legends of Fantasy Football inductee, realize that they are amongst greatness and tend to walk away in shear awe. Greg Padgett is truly one of the greatest fantasy masterminds of our era.
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