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Brian Armstrong

I was born in San Francisco and moved to Washington State as a small child. I grew up a hippie kid in the 60 s and 70 s with very liberal parents. I joined the Army at the age of 17 and went to Germany. I was deployed to the Iron Curtain as an escort for a convoy of nuclear weapons when President Reagan was shot and we were recalled and turned back just in sight of the lights of the border when the President came out of surgery in stable condition. I was married, widowed, and then raised two boys as a single father. I moved on to commercial property maintenance and ran that business for twenty years until the economy wiped out my “Maw and Pop” shop owner clientele and I decided to go back to college.
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  • Marriage Wisdom From an Old-Married-Fool
    Why do most marriages never reach past the ten year mark? Money? Miss-communication? Lack of love? I would have to say that Sex, or the lack of it in a committed relationship is what really dooms most “I do’s” into becoming – I wish I hadn't.
  • Whistleblower in the Morning’s Mist
    The North American Peyote Church has a deep rooted history in Native American spiritual tradition, and also secrecy. Whistleblower in the Morning's Mist is an insight into one man's experience with the mysterious Native church in the early 1980's.
  • A Young Girl Looks Upon the Sea
    A sad poem that brings the salty tears of the sea to tender eyes.
  • The Social Hysteria Bug
    Mass hysteria, collective obsessional disorder, human nature, call it what you will but without being aware of social hysteria’s impact on your life, you just might catch the social hysteria bug yourself.
  • The Changing American Presidential Perception of Native Americans
    Our Governments Modern Perception of True Native American Self-Determination
  • Five Easy Tips to Writing a Successful Short Story
    Are you thinking about writing a short story and even maybe getting it published afterwards? Using these five easy professional writing tips, your dream of being a successful writer can become a reality.
  • Remembering Our Modern American Mass Shootings, and Those to Come
    We must never forget our nation’s past mass shooting spree tragedies, nor be desensitized by the seemingly constant barrage of senseless gun violence that is plaguing our nation. We must also acknowledge that this modern phenomenon is really nothing new.
  • Guns, Murder, Mass Shootings, and the All American Way
    Is gun violence becoming a way of life in the United States? Who is to blame? Guns, society, the mentally ill, or are we as a people becoming colder and more apathetic towards a human life’s worth except when it comes to our own?
  • A Bought and Paid for U.S.D.A: but Not by the American Taxpayer
    With the latest discovery of GMO alfalfa in Washington State, and the U.S.D.A refusing to even look into the incident; it makes you wonder why a government agency does not care even though the law seems to have been broken with the sale of GMO banned seed
  • The Evil Thrones of the Gods
    A poem for everybody who has ever questioned : If God made me in his own image - then why do I feel so guilty!
  • The Twelve Disciples of Summer
    All the fazes of the year are the disciples of summer, guiding us into another year of fun and sun
  • If I Only Knew Then
    If you could go back in time and tell yourself as a child what you have learned as an adult, what would it be?
  • Floating in Darkness I Am Senseless
    These days the legal and ethical lines of governmental, corporation, and institutional boundaries are being crossed daily. This tale is a short glimpse into one of those days.
  • First Person: Our Big Gay Marriage
    With the latest controversy over gay marriage, Proposition 8 in California, and the Defense of Marriage Act, one resident of Washington State weighs in on the states recent legalization of same sex marriage, and what it means personally to him.
  • Beware the Dark Things
    When society is plagued by inhuman dark entities that hide in the shadows of the basements and under the beds, how long will it be before society becomes the monsters?
  • In the Middle of Midnight
    The American “Cold War” with Russia was at its peak in the 1980 s. Our misunderstandings of each other compounded by our totally different ideologies and perceptions of democracy, life and liberty were common worldly knowledge. What was not commonly known
  • For the Dirt on Hagel, Listen to Veterans, not Politicians
    With so much miss-information and self centered lobbying over Obama’s secretary of defense nomination of Chuck Hagel, it is hard to come to an unbiased informed decision on Hagels merits. I trust the views of other old vets like Colin Powell.
  • The Modern Day T.V. Womanizer
    Charlie Sheen has influenced television more than he might think, even with his I’m winning mentality, in reality he may be surprised to know he is teaching us what not to be.
  • My Hopes for Our Nation’s Leaders in 2013
    This 2013 New Year’s Eve, some wish for world peace, others for a surefire way to quit smoking or lose weight; I just wish for a government that decides to work together for the greater good of the country, rather than the greater good of their party.
  • My Wife’s Native American Christmas Family Traditions
    Every holiday season, we have different cultural variations on the holidays because I am very white, and my spouse is very Native American. One of the most interesting of these yearly traditions is my wife’s Native American Christmas traditions.
  • Willie Nelson: What the Musician Is Up To
    Willie Nelson's smoking new album is showing a new pattern of diversity in country music with Nelsons inclusion of the Iconic rapper Snoop Dog along with other legendary greats such as Kris Kristofferson and comparably newcomer Jamie Johnson.
  • First Person: Turkey and Tea Cozies
    Everyone has sibling rivalries that rematerialized every year during the holiday season; this thanksgiving story is about the De-materialization of those dusty old family animosities.
  • First Person: Thoroughly and Hopelessly Hooked on Cigarettes -- But Quitting Anyway
    Anybody who has ever tried to quit smoking knows how hard it is. Everyone has a story to tell and each person has a secret trick that helped them through it. This is my story of how I stopped smoking cigarettes after trying all the tricks.
  • Tobacco: No Choice But to Quit
    The hardest thing about quitting smoking was thinking about smoking, so I decided to think about myself and my family instead.
  • Commentary: Washington State’s Ballot All About Controversy
    From gay marriage to legal pot, not to mention giving pollsters a major migraine with their all mail-in ballots, one thing is for sure; Washington States voting pool is going make some waves this election.
  • Voters' Picks: Why I Voted Obama in the 2012 Election
    Even with all the political propaganda flying around it all came down to one question; are we better off with Obama as commander in chief.
  • Take a Deep Breath Before Voting
    With all the political fear mongering and paranoia about whether our president is a socialist or not, or if America is ready for a Mormon president; maybe we should stop and count our blessings if that is the culmination of our countries worst fears.
  • No Passiveness from Biden or Ryan in Vice Presidential Debate
    The Vice Presidential Debate was nothing like the last presidential debate, both sides spoke their minds and Biden addressed America directly along with Ryan's accusations over the progress America has made in the last four years.
  • Church and State: What Degree of Separation Really Exists?
    Who is the watchdog at the White House that enforces The First Amendment which states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”?
  • The 47 Percent of America’s Response to Mitt Romney: Please Insert Foot Here!
    With a number of gaffes building up this late in the election game in Romney's campaign, It makes you wonder if Mitt Romney is really in touch with the common American citizen enough to fully represent them.
  • The 2012 Presidential Election: Whose Rights Are Being Represented?
    With all the campaign talk about jobs, the economy, and whether to keep or abolish Obama care, who’s rights are being represented by the candidates can get overlooked in this presidential election.
  • Old School Journalism Meets the New School in Social Media
    Social media journalists are not a new breed but an age-old one.Traditional news versus social media has come into play in public opinion. They both may have more in common than they realize.
  • The Top Ten Facts You Should Know About Listing on eBay
    Most people find out the hard way that they could have listed their item for free after tallying up all sorts of standard listing fees on eBay. Here are the top 10 hard earned facts about being successful at selling online with eBay.
  • Follow Obama's Steps to Real Change
    Let both parties tell us what we really want them to say, instead of what they think we want to hear. Let's take the steps needed to really enact lasting successful change in America, Vote Obama 2012!
  • Clinton to DNC: No Double-Down on Debt If Obama Is Re-Elected
    Yahoo! News asked voters to respond to Bill Clinton's address at the Democratic National Convention. Here's one perspective.
  • Obama Offers America: A Future Filled with Hope
    The journey won't be easy and the road is long, was the main point of President Obama's speech to the D.N.C. We can achieve it together if we keep trying together was his plea for unity so that Americas voters will decide to let him have four more years.
  • Mr. Romney: Turn the Page, Please Don’t Rip It!
    Whether Romney wins the election in November, his party has done an incredible job in turning him into a personable, likeable, and trustworthy persona compared to the elitist robot that alienated him from voters before he decided to run in 2012.
  • Paul Ryan Speaks, Points Finger in Address
    All is not forgiven at the R.N.C as Paul Ryan slams everything Obama.
  • Reaction to Christie Address: Yes We Did, Not Yes We Maybe Can
    The implicit meanings of Governor Chris Christie's speech were very clear to both the working man and the man of wealth and prestige.
  • Turning My Old Work Shed Into a Working Studio for Under $2,600
    One day I had an epiphany; what if I turned my old garden and tool shed into a new place where I can enjoy the beauty of my yard, and have a comfortable enjoyable place to work - I could turn it into a studio!
  • Hello DNC: What About Jobs for Workers Older than 50?
    You hear a lot these days about how young people are going back to school in this dismal job market to wait out the economy; What about those of us who don’t have a lifetime to wait it out?

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