Crystal Mitchell

Crystal Mitchell

Crystal Mitchell is a passionate Writer and successful Small Business Owner. She has been writing for over 15 years covering a wide range of topics. She has taken classes in Business Management and Veterinary Technician, also being certified in Dog Behavior and Training from Triple Crown Academy. In her spare time she held an active and passionate involvement in groups on environmental issues, reducing local crime, local 4-H clubs and volunteering at the schools and hospitals. She has several years of experience working in schools as a paraprofessional, specifically with the literacy department. She now loves working from home her jobs include writing, blogging, reviews, Dog Behavior and Training and direct selling. She works hard to be able to work from home and spend as much time with her children as possible. Her wide range of education and experience make her a valuable resource. You can contact Crystal by emailing her at
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Certifications in Business Management, Vet Tech, Dog Training and behavior, Childhood education, writing and journalism. Crystal is a firm believer continued education and that knowledge is power .


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  • Furry Scurry 2013 in Denver
    The Denver Dumb Friends League is holding their annual fundraiser that allows them to keep helping over 20,000 animals each year.
  • There's Something for Everyone This St. Patrick's Day in Denver
    You don't have to be Irish to join the festivities. There is something for everyone to enjoy and there is a little leprechaun in all of us. Whether you spend your weekend drinking or enjoying the family friendly activities enjoy your St. Paddy's Day!
  • Unique Local Valentine's Day Ideas in Colorado
    Celebrate Valentine's Day on the weekend to avoid standing in lines and dealing with crowds. The way you celebrate should be as special and unique as the love you share. Make this year one to remember by doing something different.
  • Unique Local Ways to Keep a New Year's Resolution
    Keeping our family more active this year is the perfect resolution. Denver has several activities that are perfect for helping us follow through with our healthier lifestyle.
  • My Parenting Resolution 2013
    Limiting the amount of time our children spend on media is important but so is the valuable information they can learn from the same devices.

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