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LarrWayne, AKA Quack Jack of many trades. If the educated do not educate others, the long term pay back will be We are surrounded by the uneducated and they want to rule over us . Politically incorrect poems written to expose the enemies of a free world and articles for improving the world and health of its population are intentions of the author. Poems are just noisy words on a page, unless they are arranged in a way that can be of benefit to others. Poetry, designed to educate or offer thoughts worthy of consideration, are intents of the author. Poems can be written based upon a current, future, or previous setting, with the good guys or the bad guys as its characters. An attempt to inspire thinking of the people, may help motivate a creative society.
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High School and electronics tech school graduate.


A free country isn t free, but a communist country cost you even more.


FireHow, Larry Wayne
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