Michael Miller

Michael Miller

Michael Miller is a popular writer and commentator. He has authored more than 100 best-selling non-fiction books over the past two decades, on a variety of topics from technology to business to music. Collectively, his books have sold more than one million copies worldwide. He is known for his casual, easy-to-read writing style and his practical, real-world advice--as well as his ability to explain a wide variety of complex topics to an everyday audience.
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Bachelor s degree in marketing from Indiana University, 1980


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  • Can you replace your land line phone with a cellular phone?
    An increasing number of households are ditching their land line phone service in favor of their mobile phones. Can you replace your traditional phones with cellular service -- and save big bucks in the process?
  • Ditching cable for free local TV
    You don't need an expensive cable subscription to view local and network programming. It's all available for free, over the air, in pristine digital format.
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  • Ditching cable for online viewing
    Want to save big bucks? Drop your cable service and watch your favorite TV shows online via Hulu and Netflix. You'd be surprised how much programming is online, accessible from any computer or network media player.
  • Ditching the land line for digital phone service
    More and more households are cancelling expensive land line phone service in favor or lower-priced digital phone packages. Is digital phone service right for you -- or do you need a traditional land line phone? It's time to find out.

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