Kayla Burningham

Kayla Burningham

Kayla has written both professionally and creatively for various forums. She graduated with a bachelors degree in Psychology from Utah Valley University and had many opportunities to assist with research projects and write for an academic journal. In 2010 she presented some of her work at the American Society of Criminology in San Francisco.

Kayla played college basketball for four years on scholarships and has since transferred that energy to other hobbies like snowboarding and riding her Harley. A political enthusiast and a natural seeker for anything deeper than surface value, Kayla enjoys a personal conversation and learning from the perspectives and experiences of others.
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B.S. in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology


Truth to me is not dogmatic. I must feel it, experience it, and grow to understand it. I believe in forming a relationship with truth; then, defending its very existence.



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