Deborah W Halasz, MS

Deborah W Halasz, MS

Deborah W Halasz, MS is a perpetual learner with a variety of interests. She has been a student advocate for almost ten years, working in all facets of student financial aid. She is passionate about education from preschool through graduate school, and she believes that student responsibility should be a primary concern of educators and developmental psychologists.

In 2007, Deborah started her own business as a free-lance writer, financial aid counselor, translator, interpreter, and Spanish language teacher. She currently focuses her efforts on learning more about the modularity of the mind.

Deborah earned her Bachelors Degree from Simpson University and her Masters of Science degree in Educational Psychology from Capella University in 2005. She achieved the recognition of completion of all graduate studies (CAGS) in a doctorate program toward a PhD in Educational Psychology. After passing her comprehensive exams, Deborah experienced personal issues that required her to withdraw. She has not given up on furthering her education and continues toward her long term goal of being a successful research psychologist.

Deborah lives with her husband and their two dogs in the Seattle, Washington area. In her free time, she enjoys reading crime dramas, singing and listening to music of all genres; exploring genealogy; and watching football with her husband, a lifelong fan of the New York Jets.
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MS, Educational Psychology, Capella University (2005); BA, Simpson University (2000)


Everyone should have the spirit to ACQUIRE EXCELLENCE and to do the best in whatever he undertakes. ~ General John Eaton, US Commissioner of Education (1870-1886)



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