Heng Kiong

Heng Kiong volunteers in non-profit organizations, conducting Moral Education programs for Children and Teenagers based on Confucianism. He has extensive experience as a Planner organizing and designing activities,working with other volunteers.

He spends his time with other children and teens on every Saturday. He engages the students with recital of Ancient Doctrines e.g., Standards for being a Good Pupil and Child (弟子規), The Great Learning (大學) and The Doctrine of the Mean (中庸), together with the Analects of Confucius (論語), etc.

He actively involves in organizing and planing various activities and events to promote moral education to children.

He greatly respects and upholds the teachings of Confucius, one who, himself, lives by the tenets of this great man. He believes the essential elements of a good person is Benevolence, Humanity and Virtue.
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1. Certified Professional Trainer accredited by International Professional Manager Associations, (IPMA), UK. 2. BSc (HONS) in Information Technology, National University of Ireland,



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