ATIYA, founder of The Marriage Tree, has, over the past 20 years, dedicated her life to honing her craft and, indeed, her calling – to empower, build and maximize human potential by affecting profound transformation in people’s attitudes, perspectives and behaviors. She has been the catalyst responsible for inspiring countless people worldwide to realize their dreams and achieve joy, success and fulfillment in life.

Now she’s bringing all her past experiences, education, and business-development skills from her considerable history as a speaker, author and life coach to focus on her core message: marital harmony ~ extended and profound.

The Marriage Tree

Yes! It is possible to have an enduring relationship that is a positive and rewarding experience for both partners. But like anything of value, it requires fine-tuning and the willingness to learn to navigate the intricacies and subtleties of the changes any marriage encounters during its lifetime. Marriage is organic – it changes, evolves, grows - or like many living things, without proper nurturing, it can deteriorate. But the good news is: it doesn’t have to break down. Building a history is a worthwhile, satisfying goal, as well as a tangible legacy for your children.

Life Experience

Atiya is at once an optimist and a pragmatist. She’s a firm believer in the reality of a happy and satisfying long term marriage. But she’s no PollyAnna, having herself encountered the vagaries of marriages over the past 21 years. She has come through them stronger and happier, gratefully committed, and she can help you to achieve the same result! She’ll be the first to tell that what she’s going to show you won’t be easy, but she’s sure of one thing – it will be worth it!

You deserve to live a life filled with mutual inspiration and genuine respect. Atiya has the resources – intellectually and empathetically - to guide you to fruitful solutions that will not only positively-impact yo
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  • Empowering Parents: Keep Your Children Safe Online
    Many parents are concerned about keeping their children clear of activities while on the internet that can put them at risk for being harmed. This article arms caregivers with information to help keep their children safe while surfing the web.
  • Life Coaching: A Viable Option for Personal and Professional Empowerment
    More people are recognizing the benefits of hiring a professional to help them achieve their goals and objectives, whether in their business or personal life. As a result, the coaching process is quickly becoming the norm.
  • Take Me, I'm Yours
    This poem is about a woman calling to her lover to embrace the purity of love between a man and a woman and all it encompasses. She encourages him to accept the precious gift of love.
  • Being a Hero Instead of a Zero in Your Relationship
    Bring your "A" game to the relationship table. Ask yourself the right questions to determine whether or not you are performing at your best.
  • Sweet Nectar
    Imbibe the beauty and sweetness of a flower as it blooms. Behold its rich colors, fragrant scent, and pleasant taste. All creation can appreciate the magic in the process of the blossoming flower.
  • Power of Attraction
    The qualities of a woman is much more than mere beauty. One rarely suspects the power of her subtlety.
  • Abstract Beauty
    Art has no boundaries. Your imagination is its only limit.
  • Still I Am
    No matter what the situation, whether you win or lose, always keep your head up.
  • Love's Freedom
    Whether you turn to the east or the west in prayer, the greatest force and the greatest freedom is love.
  • Dance of the Soul
    Music makes you come alive in ways never imaginable. It awakens the power within. It's all about how you relate to music.
  • Strengthening Your Marriage While Geographically Separated
    Getting through the emotional and trying times of a temporary separation from your spouse because of military duty, career, or a family illness can be difficult. Yet, it is possible to maintain a strong bond and actually become even closer.
  • Couples Find Ways to Strategically Work Together as Divorce Rates Fall Across the U.S.
    According to a CNBC report, divorce rates are actually dropping in America. Couples have the opportunity to become a part of a new trend of marital success. Develop and implement a plan that will ultimately help save your marriage.
  • 10 Natural Remedies for Insomnia
    Remedies for Insomnia you may have around the house.
  • Thinking Your Way to Success
    There are five steps to making things real in your life. Learning and practicing each step will help you to achieve your goals and objectives and experience manifestation.
  • Achieving Greater Results by Overcoming Fear
    How to overcome your fear to achieve success.
  • Synergizing Your Relationship
    This article is about couples learning to work together for the success of the relationship prior to marriage and ways to open meaningful dialogue.

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