P. Query

P. Query

I began my journey of the written word when I reached for a degree in journalism. I soon realized my passion for writing rests in what I know, not reporting as a bystander.

The road less traveled became my route when I started private caregiving for those in the end-of-life stage. I have helped many people pass on and, in turn, developed my writing through the experience of life and death.

Through my opportunities to see the big picture I was able to refine my writing in a way which captures what truly matters. I write with immediacy, my descriptions to the point. All we have is how we relate to others and the impact we make.

Humility floods my being each time I watch a last breath. I take nothing for granted and my opportunities to write express this sentiment. At first I didn t see the connection between writing and caregiving, but through time I realized this pairing on my road less traveled only helped me to give my best.
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