I am an avid runner, concert rocker, lover of sunsets, health nut, art enthusiast, world adventurer. I m just living life to the fullest and writing helpful articles along the way.
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  • Understanding the Greek Yogurt Hype
    What is this Greek Yogurt hype about? Is it really worth the extra bucks? Here is exactly why everyone is going Greek.
  • Shanghai's Best Hostels
    If you’re backpacking through Shanghai and looking for a fun, clean, cheap place to stay, here are the top three hostels in the city and exactly why we love them.
  • Saving Your Shins
    The next time Shin Splints threaten your important workout or record 5K time, try these helpful, shin saving hints.
  • Start a New Christmas Tradition
    Christmas is right around the corner. It is the warm memories of family and friends that make this time of year such a special season. Make this holiday season more meaningful than ever by starting a new tradition. Here are some ideas!
  • The Best Post-Workout Snacks
    Eating the right combination of nutrients is key to seeing results. You put in the work by doing your workout, so optimize your results by eating the right foods. Stock your fridge with these healthy post workout snacks. Your muscles will thank you!
  • First Person: Groupon Is Just Not for Me
    Maybe if I learned some self-control and didn’t buy every deal Groupon sent my way, was more detail oriented and better at reading the fine print, and was willing to plan my life around Groupon expiration dates; I would continue as a loyal Groupon member.
  • 5 Cheap Beauty Secrets
    The secrets to whiter teeth, longer lashes, better hair, and healthier skin are sitting right in your bathroom medicine cabinet.
  • West Vs. East: Chinese Traditional Medicine or Western Modern Medicine?
    Is Chinese Traditional Medicine, or Western/Modern medicine more effective? My debate with a Traditional Chinese Doctor.
  • Just Keep Running
    When you feel like throwing in your Nikes and quitting, here are six ways to break through that wall and keep truckin.
  • My Halloween as Michael Jordan
    What do a seven year-old, big blue-eyed blonde girl and NBA legend Michael Jordan have in common? Absolutely nothing. You can only imagine my mom’s surprise when I announced I wanted to be Michael for Halloween.

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