Angelina Kaneshiro

Angelina Kaneshiro

I am an educated woman, with a background in child care, child development and business administration. I am also a bridal consultant and event/wedding planner. I design, bake and decorate cakes of all varieties for a small income as well as performing data entry online. I am a mother of four and homeschool my youngest with the help of the K12 program. I consider myself very organized and enjoy helping others become organized as well with the aid of my experience I help create beautiful events and weddings. I feel I have skills in numerous areas and can help others become more effective. I have been organizing, baking, decorating, planning events for the past 20 years and will continue to do so. I am also an avid writer and reader. I enjoy small town life and my gardening and homesteading. I like to recycle old things into new and enjoy teaching others how to do so. I enjoy spending my free time with my children and my grandbaby as much as possible. My life has had its ups and downs and I feel I can draw from these experiences to help others.
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Associates degree in child development. Certificate in Bridal coordination, business administration, and event planning, self taught cake artistry. Homeschooling parent.


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