Shari Savage

Shari Savage

I was raised in Central California farm country by distracted, chaotic, alcoholic parents and was educated by Walter Cronkite and Roger Mudd. The infotainment that news has become is something to mourn. Mom was a very social person, so the gene pool for my four brothers and I is a little murky and brings a continuous parade of surprises: for example, I just found out that I m not a Jew, which is both hilarious and confusing. My background is sales of all kinds, mostly real estate; office management; research, writing and editing; small business management and consulting; and mental health. I ve raised three good, kind, and very smart kids while not losing my sanity or individuality and am thankful to have given them each a very high embarrassment threshold. My house is a never-ending hub of activity where people and pets like to drop in and make their home, difficult for a minimalist who prefers to go dancing rather than worry about dinner. I am crazy in love with a 71-year-old retired Navy captain and have much to say in praises of older men.
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As time permits, I have worked toward a degree in Healthcare Administration, only recently realizing that I really cannot stand sick people. Switching to philosophy.


Life might give you lemons, but if you don t add some sugar your lemonade is going to suck. So be nice.


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