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Kent McDill is a career sportswriter, and the highlight of his career was the 11 years he spent traveling with the six-time NBA champion Chicago Bulls from 1988-1999 writing for the Daily Herald newspaper in suburban Chicago. He then spent a decade covering both the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Fire for the Herald before becoming a full-time freelancer.
McDill maintained his relationship with the Bulls by covering the team for for the past three years. He has also written two books about the Bulls, Tales from the Hardwood written with former Bulls center Bill Wennington, and 100 Things Bulls Fans Should Know And Do Before They Die for Triumph Books.
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B.A. DePauw University, Broadcast Communications.


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  • My Decade Traveling with Michael Jordan and the Bulls
    After spending 11 seasons traveling with the Chicago Bulls during their championship years, my favorite memories of Michael Jordan are off-the-court moments.
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  • Should the Chicago Bulls Trade Rip Hamilton, Marco Belinelli or Nate Robinson?
    The Chicago Bulls need interior bench help, and when Derrick Rose returns, they will have a surplus of guards. Recent injuries to Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah exposed a need for frontcourt bench assistance.
  • Chicago Bulls Run 10 Deep
    Without Derrick Rose, the Bulls are the third best team in the Eastern Conference, and have had nine players succeed in starting roles. When Rose returns (and that should be soon), the Bulls will be the deepest team in the East
  • Joakim Noah – from Clown to All-Star
    When the Chicago Bulls drafted Joakim Noah out of Florida in 2007, no one expected much from him. Today he is an All-Star, and one of the best centers in the game.
  • Who Should Be Chicago Bulls’ All-Star – Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer or Joakim Noah?
    Most people believe the Bulls deserve to have at least one player named to the Eastern Conference All-Star team, but there is wide disagreement on which player – Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer or Joakim Noah?
  • Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau Talks About Derrick Rose (sort Of)
    The Bulls spent the first two months of the NBA season ignoring Derrick Rose. Now, perhaps five weeks away from his return to action, they are talking about his absence.
  • Chicago Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau Explains Himself
    In one week, the Chicago Bulls lost to Charlotte at home, then beat Miami in South Beach. What’s the explanation for that? Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau doesn’t really understand the question.
  • Chicago Bulls Own the Miami Heat – in the Regular Season
    Friday’s impressive Bulls’ win over Miami was the third time in the past three years the Bulls have beaten the Heat WITHOUT Derrick Rose in the lineup. When Rose comes back, will they have a chance to try to do it again in the playoffs?
  • When Derrick Rose Returns...
    Although he is not expected back until at least late February, the buzz has already started about Derrick Rose's return. Based on what the Rose-less Bulls have looked like so far, what will they look like when Rose is ready to play?
  • Chicago Bulls Are Having Rebounding Problems
    For two years under Tom Thibodeau, the Bulls were on of the best rebounding teams in the league, especially on the offensive glass. That is no longer the case, and everyone wonders why
  • Michael Jordan - the Legend Affected
    As a Chicago Bull, Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player ever. Since he left the organization, he has fumbled a couple of opportunities. This holiday weekend, his two-post Chicago teams visit the United Center.
  • Omer Asik Grows into Role as Starter in Houston
    Omer Asik returned to Chicago after leaving as a free agent in the summer and burned the Bulls for 20 points and 18 rebounds as the starting center for the Houston Rockets.
  • Making a Case for Marco Belinelli
    Since starting in place of injured Rip Hamilton, Marco Belinelli has proven to be a dangerous scoring threat as well as a willing, if not great, defender. The question is whether he can be the effective backcourt mate for star point guard Derrick Rose.
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  • Are Chicago Bulls Stepping Up?
    Suddenly, things are coming together for the Bulls, who have won five of their last six games, three of them against winning teams. But is it sustainable success? And what does it mean when Derrick Rose returns?
  • Carlos Boozer, Marco Belinelli Can't Shoot Chicago Bulls Past Clippers
    The Chicago Bulls tried to play with the high-flying Los Angeles Clippers rather than against them, and it didn't work. So the three-game winning streak is history.
  • Great Expectations for Noah
    When Bulls center Joakim Noah turned in 30 points and 23 rebounds against Detroit Dec. 7, he changed everyone's outlook for the now-veteran post player.
  • How About Rose and Belinelli?
    Since drafting Derrick Rose in 200x, the Bulls have looked for a shooting guard to play with him and present another scoring threat for opposing defenses to deal with. Could Marco Belinelli be that shooting guard?
  • Thibodeau: It's Belinelli, for Now
    Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is steadfast in almost everything he does related to basketball. But moving Marco Belinelli into the starting lineup in place of injured Rip Hamilton may not be long-term solution.
  • Catching Up with the Bench Mob
    The Bulls had the best record in the NBA the last two seasons, and their reserves were a big part of the success. But the salary cap forced the Bulls to let them go.
  • Chicago Bulls Lose 27-point Lead, Game
    The Bulls pull a "Vinny'' and let huge lead slip away in disastrous fourth quarter. It's a good thing it doesn't matter in this unusual NBA season.
  • Rethinking Carlos Boozer
    Bulls fans expected Carlos Boozer to help Derrick Rose lead the Bulls to an NBA title. But that's not who Boozer is. It's time to rethink expectations for the veteran forward.
  • What Now for Chicago Bulls?
    For the first time in the Tom Thibodeau era, the Bulls have lost three games in a row. Without Derrick Rose, the Bulls can no longer dominate, even on defense.
  • Chicago Bulls Wanted Asik
    The Chicago Bulls wanted to keep Omer Asik. But the new CBA makes it easier for players to move than it does to stay with the team that brought them to the dance.
  • Chicago Bulls Disappoint on Road
    The Bulls did not have enough scoring to compete against either the Los Angeles Clippers or Portland this weekend. Their defense was not stout enough to stop two aggressive offfenses.
  • Western Conference Can't Handle Thibodeau
    The National Basketball Association's Eastern Conference is known for having teams with strong halfcourt offenses and stingy defenses, while the Western is known for high-scoring teams. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau knows how to slow down the game.
  • Bulls Fans Love to Hate Boozer, Hinrich
    Chicago Bulls fans have a love-hate relationship with guard Kirk Hinrich. They would have a love-hate relationship with forward Carlos Boozer if they could find something to love. That's two-fifths of the starting lineup in constant question.
  • Long, Strange Season for Bulls
    With Tom Thibodeau as coach and Luol Deng, Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer in the lineup, the Bulls will win their share of games, probably a little more than 50 percent of them. But every game will be struggle, and they will be spent come playoff time.

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