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Brooklyn born Sondra Crane is a senior. She began writing as a child and never stopped. Her blog, includes life as it was when she was young with a glimpse into her thoughts and feelings of Brooklyn, in the '40's. A College graduate, piano teacher, classical pianist, with Mozart and Bach my favorite. A copy-editor, columnist, and freelance writer. Interviewed by NY Times, Orlando Sentinel, McClean Magazine in Canada & a radio interview by Growing Bolder. Wrote and published over 800 articles on Textbroker, Demand Media, AC Content and wikiHow and still going strong.
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Mills College when younger and Seminole State College in my senior years graduated with Honors.


Life is a Gift. Do Not Abuse It. It Lasts Such a Short Time and Then We Are Gone


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  • Memories of Love
    Fond thoughts; a visit to the hospital the day he dies, keeps him forever alive in my heart
  • Housecleaning
    Somethings never end. Cleaning the house and washing clothes are the worse. Just when you think you get it all done, the kids come home and dirty it again. Read and see how I handled that
  • Memorial Day Holiday
    Memorial Day shows respect for all Veterans who gave their life for this country. It also ushers in the out of doors barbeque season
  • An Unexpected Event
    She never lived to see the next day - she died in her sleep. It was a totally unexpected death. Read on to learn more....
  • Mother's Day Memories
    My mother has been long gone and yet on each Mother's day I feel her close to me and fill my mind with memories of the final Mother's Day we shared
  • He Told Me Never to Return
    I recall doctors making house calls to the sick. Today doctors fire patients for any reason and get away with it. A True Story. Read on and find out what he did....
  • The Mystery of a White Paper Cup
    A true story of a golf course, a golfer and a white paper cup. Read on to find out more and smile
  • How to Use Mayonnaise to Condition Dry Hair
    Dry hair conditioners are expensive. I found this little trick to make my hair shine using a product that is in most refrigerators. Read on
  • Happy St. Patricks Day
    You don't have to be Irish to enjoy St. Patricks Day. The wearing of the green and traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner is universally enjoyed and loved by all
  • Product Review Bumble Bee Chicken Salad with Crackers in a Box
    "Bumble Bee Chicken Salad w/Crackers in a Box" recently hit the shelf of my local Supermarket. It sounded like a product that has many uses, so I bought a box to try and write Product Review to find out if it is worth the cost. You be the judge!
  • An Uninvited Guest
    Florida is a bright sunny state. Unexpected wildlife at times appears in the oddest places at unexpected times. Read on and share a smile with me.......
  • Changing Times
    Consuming the same foods at the same time of each day can ruin even the best of days. Making even the smallest change can brighten the day. Read on......
  • Earn Quick Cash
    This craft can earn fast pocket money. Buy a few paint brushes, cheap craft store paints and start! Read on to learn how......
  • Silent Love
    Did true love allude me or did I fail to recognize it? An unanswerable question nags me. Read further and decide....
  • Why Write a Will
    A will is the most important document you can write. Most of the time you could write your will yourself and save legal fees. Read more....
  • Why We Were Born?
    Not all questions have impossible answers. Many do! Just a few thoughts popped up in my head and wanted to share them with others who have the need to know. Read on to find out if you are one of those.
  • A Special Loving Woman
    Sometimes, someone comes along who we call special. Many times she is not appreciated for her acts of kindness. This was such a woman who long ago died. I would like you to meet her. Read on and find out why
  • Strange Thoughts
    If we were born to different people and in a different place would our lives still be the same? Have you ever given thought?!
  • Manners
    I was raised in an earlier generation and learned manners and being polite, by the time I could walk. Today, very few stand up and give the elderly a seat in a bus, hold a door open, or say excuse me, please or thank you. Read further ...
  • Birds in Flight
    All God's creatures leave the sky as the skies turn from bright to night.
  • A Waste of Money
    Conversation, as it has been for centuries, is slipping away. Now we rely on electronics to communicate. How will the future be I wonder, but only time will tell. Read and decide for yourself.
  • The Mystery of Time
    Time passes so quickly that it seems to fly. I wonder at times where the years go? Read on and find out!
  • After the Wedding Fun
    Weddings are exciting. Preparations are exhausting. After the wedding the Bride and Groom hop into bed. Read on for the best part....
  • Signs of Aging
    I looked in the mirror and noticed wrinkles on my face. The signs of aging scared me. I was getting old and all of a sudden felt it. Read on.
  • The Holiday Season Rush
    Things have changed since I was young. Thanksgiving was celebrated with family dinners before planning for Christmas, Today we seem to rush. Read on.
  • Secrets Made
    Promises made should be kept. Sharing secrets and vowing not to tell is not easy. Could you keep a secret for a lifetime? Read on and see for yourself...
  • The Clouds
    We moved to Florida and he died the following week. There was no time to enjoy sunny days and starlight nights together. I him watching over me on a cloudy day by the shape of the clouds hovering over me. Read on......
  • Only a Dream
    He left this earth a long time ago, and visits me in my dreams
  • I Bought Something I Could Have Lived Without
    I could have done without it. Money was tight and I could have purchased food instead. It was something that only I would enjoy but I said, 'what the heck' and bought it then never looked back!
  • Hurricanes Cause Havoc
    Florida is known for sunshine, Disney, rain, tornado's and hurricane seasons. Read on and learn more.....
  • Product Review of the New Orville Redenbacher's Classic Kettle Korn
    A delicious snack to enjoy any time of day, when watching television at home, or a movie in the theater. The snack that recently hit the supermarket shelves is a bag of Orville Redenbacher's Classic Kettle Corn, a satisfying, healthy delicious treat
  • Not All of the Olympics Interested Me
    Those who participated in the Olympic Games practiced for years before this day. They ran, jumped, and looked like birds airborne. Could this have been me?
  • Product Review of Activon
    Arthritis pain can be intolerable. ActiVon comes in a roll-on bottle, easy to use and odorless. Helps to give instant relief along with a good night's sleep. It is a must try and inexpensive
  • How to Improve Your Credit Score
    .Wait too long to pay a bill or forget to pay it and your credit score drops! entirely. Good credit will buy you car, a house or a motorcycle. Bad credit buys you zilch. Improve your credit score instantly by reading further!
  • Symptoms of Skin Cancer
    Cancer is not a diagnosis to fear, but can be fatal if not caught early. I got that diagnosis twice. I phoned the skin doctor immediately. He took a biopsy and two weeks later I got the news... read on to see what the doctor said.
  • How to Celebrate the 4th of July
    Winter is gone and summer arrives. Hot dogs and a grill replace the snow. The fireworks usher in the first celebration of the summer - the 4th of July.
  • Fathers Day Memories of My Dad
    I look back over the years and can envision the love and care my father gave me. My memories of him strongly return on every Father's Day.
  • Summertime Memories
    Summertime brings life to all of nature and makes life worth living. It also brings back memories of a love that was taken away from me, in June in the start of summertime.
  • Mother's Day Memories
    My mother seemed to be old when I was young. Now I look the same to my grandchild. Somethings never change and remain forever in our memories. Like my thoughts of my mother who died many years ago.
  • Questions Without Answers
    Think back over the years when you were growing up. Did you ever wish you had done things differently? This is what this poem focuses on. Read on and see if you would have done it differently.
  • Love Passed Silently
    Love went by like a breeze. I never felt it, sensed it, or knew where to find it. Or has it always alluded me.? and is it too late now? You tell me . Read on.......
  • Product Review of the New Mini NuWave Oven
    Roasting a turkey or chicken for holiday dinners is quicker and easier using the NuWave Oven. Those who live alone find the Mini NuWave Oven does the same great job cooking with cleaning up faster. Read to find out how and why.
  • Do Not Shatter the Image You Have of Yourself
    Maintain a positive attitude. Think of yourself as still younger. Accomplish your lifelong dreams. Stay away from full length mirrors.
  • Acupuncture and Pain
    Acupuncture treatments are pain free I thought. I tried to convince myself. My back pain caused me to make an appointment. Then after being stuck with a dozen needles I got up and ran and never returned..
  • Easter Past
    My memories of this Easter, go back approximately dozens of years ago/ I never forgot of my dad and me parading up and Fifth Avenue in New York City. I was wearing my brand new Easter Outfit. Read on for more about what happened next.
  • Make the Best Crispy Fried Chicken
    There is nothing as delicious as crispy fried chicken. Enjoy it on a picnic, at home, for a party or any time. Serve with cole slaw, potato salad baked beans or fries. Eating fried chicken can get messy but fun to eat.
  • Tips to Second Dating
    Chemistry between you and a first date is important. Sharing same or similar interests follows. Allow him to do the talking while you show interest in what he is saying. This is the best way to be asked out on a second date.
  • Christmas on the Golf Course in Florida
    Christmas on the golf course is all green. Maybe Santa will get lost
  • My New Keurig Coffee Maker
    I picked up the phone and dialed dialed the online store that sold Keurig Coffee Makers. I heard that the coffee it brews is the best! I wanted to find out for myself. This is what happened next!
  • Sleepless Nights & Weary Days
    Were you ever up all night trying to sleep? You were yawning but sleep would not come. This is the situation I was in, the other night. It was a sleepless night and was to be a weary day! Read on!
  • Times Change
    During my lifetime I have seen many changes. Some for the bad and others good. Things are different and not all for the better living life these days
  • Searching for Me
    All of my life, I had one goal in mind. I wanted to find the 'real me'. I needed to know the person within and allow her to flurish and enjoy her life completely. I did it and those who are also searching, these might help you as well.
  • The Older and Wiser Me
    Gaining knowledge of how to live my life took time. If I could go back to when changes would make a difference I would. However, it is not too late to make changes to the rest of my life, and make it better.
  • How a 5 Year Old Saved a Life
    This is a video that was on Flick'r. You will be amazed as you watch this child care for her father and save his life. Read more and find out!
  • Be a Careful Food Shopper During Sales
    Supermarket food prices might be confusing especially when they are sale. Do not be fooled into buying more then you need. If in doubt as the store manager about the prices of those on sale.
  • Waiting for Santa
    Throughout the years I found myself waiting for Santa. Then, it seemed, my children had done the same thing.
  • Product Review of Ferrero Rondnoire Dark Chocolate Candy
    If you have never tasted Ferreo Rondnoire Dark Chocolate you have missed out on a delicious treat. Candy lovers recognize this by the style of the boxes they come in. Once you try them you will come back for more.
  • Haiku Poem for Winter
    Winter is coming and the Snow will Follow Along with Deep Freezing Weather
  • Arthritis Pain
    Arthritis in the fingers is not what a writer wants. Using the computer requires nimble fingers and are not stiff and painful. However, things could be worse. I could have no fingers at all.
  • Check Food Dates Before You Buy
    Grocery stores put the older dates of foods on the front. Always Check the dates of everything you buy, including salads and dairy products The newer dates are usually in the back.
  • An Unforgettable Christmas Event
    Christmas is a time for Santa to leave presents under the tree. One day, Santa failed to visit and nearly broke my child's heart. I have never forgotten this incident that occurred on a Christmas morning a long time ago
  • It's Not Satisfying
    Living alone can be your style, if you like your privacy at all hours of the day. Other times, when you are sick, or need someone to talk to in the middle of the night it can be very lonely
  • The Beauty of Fall
    The Summer heat cools with each day the closer we get to Fall. The darkened skies slowly usher in the cold winter months
  • How to Save Housecleaning
    Plain vinegar does a great job at cleaning most every part of the house for only a few center, Save money and have a house that sparkles.
  • How to Meet a Girlfriend
    Sitting alone in the evenings can be depressing. Going out by yourself on the weekends is no fun. How on earth can one meet a girl to go places with is not easy
  • About Payday Loans
    Payday Loans are easy to get, and fast to use. The trick is to be able to pay it back in 30 or more days.
  • Life in a Small Town and Cataract Surgery
    Moving from a big city to a small town takes a lot of getting used to. Shopping Centers are small, movie theaters are not around. Mail Order shopping is the only way to shop for upscale clothes.
  • I See His Image in the Clouds
    He died many years ago but I remember him well. He is in my heart and in the fluffy white clouds. I can do most anything because I know he is still with me in my heart if not in body
  • How to Make a Mother' Day Edible Arrangement
    If your bills are high and your pockets empty, make your own Mother's Day food arrangement to send to family members who live miles away.
  • I Don't Know Why America and Presidents Confuse Me
    Living in the USA for a great many years, I have seen Presidents come and go. Some have been good, others barely pulling a passing grade while the others have made America great!
  • Bake the Best Cake for Mother's Day
    Baking a Pineapple Upside Down Cake is simple. All it takes is a white cake mix and a can of sliced pineapples minus the juice. Then put it in the oven to bake.
  • A Free Food Shopping Spree at Publix
    Food shopping is a must in every household. The unwashed dishes can pile up in the sink , the floors could be filthy, (if you are a slob), and the laundry can wait. The only thing that must be done on a regular basis, is to go food shopping or starve.
  • Relationship with a Mail Order Bride
    When I was younger a girl and guy met in school, we dated, attended the prom, eventually became engaged and married. Today the woman you marry might live in a foreign country and be your Mail Order Bride with the help of a Matrimonial Agency.
  • Where Had the Relationship Gone Wrong?
    Many say that they were glad they got married shortly after they met on the Internet. Some ignore the signals of a bad relationship. Bad relationships rarely get better so wait a while before getting married.
  • Product Review of Dole Fruit Crisp
    I like fruits. I buy a cup of fruit from the shelves of my Supermarket. A mixed fruit cup is my favorite. One of Dole's latest fruit cup products is Apple Cinnamon Fruit Crisp. I tried it and this is my honest Product Review.
  • A Review of the 'Wishes Brew Tea House of Orlando
    Celebrating an occasion in a traditional Tea House is pricey but worth the cost when served in Traditional Tea House fashion that includes a tiered plate filled with finger foods, scones, chocolates along with imported teas on the table.
  • Product Review of Campbell's Lite Chicken Gumbo Soup
    Campbell's is changing the look and name of some of their soups. Campbell's Chicken Gumbo Soup is one of the ones they changed. They have less calories and have the addition of the name "Lite" added to the label.
  • Product Review of Campbells French Onion Soup
    Those who love onion soup but hate to make it will love the taste and texture and of the onions contained in this soup. It is one of my all time favorite soup to enjoy alone, with a meal or as a fast lunch with a sandwich.
  • It Turned into a Book
    Writing is a great release for many. Writing relieves the tension of the day. Poetry writing is the best of all methods of writing - The words easily flow without effort. I know it works like that myself!
  • Double Date for Safety's Sake
    Dating a new guy or girl can spell "danger" regardless of where or how you met. Unless you know all about them, their friends, where they work or what school they attend "double date' with family members or friends.
  • Aged Seniors on a First Date Feel Ancient
    In years past dating was different . There were few cars so you walked or took the subway. In order to go on a date, you had to get parental permission; follow a curfew or get punished. Today it is known as being ''grounded'
  • Hearing Aids Stop Working
    When you are hard of hearing and have never worn a hearing aid you do not realize the sounds you did not hear. Once a hearing aid stops working the silence is unbearable. You hear loud noises and nothing else. Not even the purr of the cat.
  • Teaching Children Social Manners at a Preschool Birthday Party
    It is never too soon to teach a child Social manners. Teach them to say 'please' and 'thank' you by using the words. Teach them to help clean the kitchen by showing them when they begin to walk.Teach them social manners before kindergarten.
  • Opening Pain Killer Pill Bottles with Arthritis is Impossible
    There are millions of seniors and others with arthritis in their hands. The manufacturers of bottles of over- the- counter pain killers. They sealed the bottle with a tab so to be tamper-proof. It is hard to open the bottle to get the pills.
  • How to Write an End of the Year Paper
    Term papers are usually for College Students. End of the Year Papers are for those younger. It is a way of finding out what the students learned in class for the year. This helps tell them if you should get a passing or failing grade.
  • Historical Downtown District of the City of St. Cloud Florida
    This area dates back to the Civil War. Each of the Streets are named after one of the States in the United States. It is a quaint little town that is growing. The charm of the old time city remains
  • Historical Downtown District of the City of St. Cloud, Florida
    St. Cloud is neighboring City to Kissimmee Florida-the gateway to Disney. Visitors to Disney should take a day off from the heat and walking in Disney world and pay a visit to the historic downtown in the city of St. Cloud, Florida.
  • What Not to Do to End a New Relationship
    Relationships can form at any time. It can also weaken by the tiniest indiscretion and end all thoughts of marriage. Think before you speak and watch what you say. As soon as the words come out of your mouth you cannot retrieve them.
  • How to Enter into a Relationship
    If you are dying to date this guy but he does not know you are alive change your tactics. Act hard to get. Smile as you pass him in school to show you are interested. Let him make the first move. Guys like to do the chasing. Make him think he is.
  • My Experience as a Student of a Community College
    For most of my life I felt sorry I had dropped out of college in my late teens. This was something I always regretted. At the age of sixty-three I enrolled in a local Community College bent on earning my AA degree.(read to the very end)......
  • My Valentines Day Blind Date
    Imagine, if you will, how it would be if you spend Valentines Day with a Blind Date. Could you hug him, kiss him or sit across from him at dinner. Would he interest you, bore you or would you sneak out the back door? This is what happened.
  • Seniors Soften Facial Wrinkles on Dry Aging Skin
    Growing older is a natural occurrence of living a long life. The skin sags and wrinkles appear on the face due to the lack of elasticity. Using products that add moisture to the face, neck and body daily, helps rid aging Seniors of unsightly wrinkles.
  • Get Married in a Supermarket
    It is a good luck omen to get married at the same place you met and fell in love. It might be awkward if you met in the water while swimming. It is easy to hold a marriage ceremony in the same you shop. The supermarket where you two met and fell in love.
  • A Knock at the Door
    A knock at the door in the quiet of the night can be scary. This is true especially if you are home alone. This how one person reacted when it happened to him. How would you have been in a situation like this?
  • Share a Romantic Valentine's Day Relationship Across the Miles
    Internet dating for those who live on the other side of the globe is not easy. With a little effort, imagination and planning, sharing a Valentine Day dinner can be possible. It also can be a lot of fun.
  • Nothing Came to My Mind
    I have what is called in the writer's circle - Writer's Block. This is the worse I ever had. I think quietly of what to write but nothing comes to my mind. I am open to almost any topic, at this point, but I come up with a blank.
  • How to Keep the Doctor Away
    Bacteria is on everything we touch. Children touch what they see and put their hands into their mouth. This poses a problem and a potential place for germs to get into their body. It is essential that children learn how to wash their hands properly.
  • Ringling Brothers Circus Arrives in Orlando, Florida
    Move over Disney World, the Circus is coming to the Amway Arena Jan.13-17 with a brand new show.The Amway Arena a short drive to Disney. Rest your feet from walking; sit for a day and enjoy the Ringling Brothers Circus with the rest of the family.
  • God Paints a Sunset (poetry)
    Have you ever sat in a darkened place and looked up at the sky? The beauty of the stars is overwhelming and God's paintbrush reveals uncanny colors as the sun sets. No artist could ever paint such a picture as beautiful as the Sunset that God paints..
  • Do it Yourself Wedding
    In this generation Brides can select any type of weeding that pleases them. Their wedding attire is their choice, and what they serve does not have to come from a caterer. Save money and plan your own wedding.
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