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Brooklyn born Sondra Crane is a senior. She began writing as a child and never stopped. Her blog, includes life as it was when she was young with a glimpse into her thoughts and feelings of Brooklyn, in the '40's. A College graduate, piano teacher, classical pianist, with Mozart and Bach my favorite. A copy-editor, columnist, and freelance writer. Interviewed by NY Times, Orlando Sentinel, McClean Magazine in Canada & a radio interview by Growing Bolder. Wrote and published over 800 articles on Textbroker, Demand Media, AC Content and wikiHow and still going strong.
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Mills College when younger and Seminole State College in my senior years graduated with Honors.


Life is a Gift. Do Not Abuse It. It Lasts Such a Short Time and Then We Are Gone


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  • The Best of the World
    the best thins that happen in hislkl
  • How I Faced a Florida Tornado
    Why Florida Storms are Frightening
  • I Might Have Saved Two Children From Being Kidnapped
    Two kids were strolling alone in a supermarket. Where was their mother? Read further and find out what I did to possibly save them?
  • Why I Do Not Buy Fish for My Fishtank
    Cleaning a fish tank is not something I want to do and for the reasons mentioned. Read on and find out why!
  • Why Cats Make Great Pets
    Dogs are great but cats are loving and cuddle on a lap and do not have to be walked outside. Check it out and read more
  • About a Mother's Greatest Fear
    Kids commit crimes and are jailed and parents cry. Read further and find out more about this sad tale
  • The House of Cards
    It took me a while to like this Netflex presentation and then I could not walk away from watching.
  • What Are Your Thoughts About Home Schooling
    There are many who like homeschooling and as many or more who dislike it. My thoughts are written below, what do you think about it? Read on and find out more...
  • How America Has Changed in My Lifetime
    America has made strides since I was young. Here are only a further to get the idea
  • Home Schooling
    I Have Second Thoughts about Home Schooling. I am against it. What about you?
  • Why I Enrolled in College at 60
    School is not only for the young. I enrolled in College at age 60 and earned my degree. Read more.....
  • Why I Swooned at Frank Sinatra
    Frank Sinatra had the teens swooning. I was one of them. Read more and find out why?
  • All About Flowers
    Flowers bring a smile to anyone of any age or even to yourself. Read on and find out more
  • And Then He Died
    Death comes anytime or anywhere. Here is one example, read and find out more....
  • Why I Left or Did I ?
    I never get lost or stopped writing. I needed alone time to think. Keep on reading and understand...
  • Why Read a Whimsical Poem
    Not all poetry is serious. Some are fun to write and read. This is one of them. Read on and enjoy a smile
  • How to Face Unexpected Death
    Death is Unpredictable. Read on and find out why?
  • Why Sundays Were Special
    It was Chinese Food Day. A special day in our lives and this was why. Read on and learn more.....
  • How to Easily Stop Smoking
    It is time to quit smoking for multiple health reasons. Follow the steps below for the easiest and best way. Read on and find out what I suggested.
  • What Happened to Democracy
    How To View American Freedoms On the Decline. Read further and find out how.......
  • Why Read About a Widow's Story
    Throughout our lifetime we feel pain but none as bad as the loss of a spouse. Read on and see if you agree.
  • Why a Written Will is Important?
    Never set aside for later writing a Will. Read and learn why.......
  • How to Locate Lost Washing Machine Socks
    Lost washing machine socks have long been a mystery. Can this mystery be solved? Read and try, if you can...
  • Why Do Valentines Day?
    Why do Valentine Day Cards Appear on Shelves so Quickly after Christmas? Read further and find out the reason why.
  • How to Find the Best Way to Lose Extra Pounds
    Gaining is easy. All we have to do is eat!. It gets more difficult when foods look and smells so good. Read on and learn the tricks to getting thin......
  • Why Date a High School Guy
    High School is not all about learning. There is more to school than that! Read further and find out more...
  • Why Florida was Freezing
    Did you know that Florida was freezing and windy. An unexpected frost took over the state.. Read more and find out why........
  • How to Stop Blaming Seniors
    Forgetfulness is often blamed on aging. Growing older might not always be the cause. Read further and give the aging process some serious thought....
  • Why Cat Foods Can Cause Harm
    Your cat has no way of letting you know about cat foods that cause them to vomit. Read ingredients on labels on cans of cat food, if you can before feeding. Read and learn how to keep your cat in good health....
  • How to Fall in Love with Crocs
    Buy one pair of Crocs to wear to work and a second to go out on a date. Crocs comes in many styles and colors.
  • How to Keep the Faith
    Unless you dream real hard, you will never know what lies ahead! Read on learn the truth about how it works.......
  • Hanukkah and Christmas Holidays
    Celebrations, gifts, Holiday Dinners..and babies born .Happy Time of the further ....
  • Why My Mouth Went Up in Flames
    I tasted one slice of cheese and my mouth went in flames.. Read on and learn a bitter lesson.......
  • How to Locate Long Lost Friends
    Sadness prevails and friends part never to meet again. Wipe the tears from your eyes, and read more.....
  • How to Understand Brooklyn Slang
    A Brooklyn accent seems impossible to change or lose. Give it some thought and read further to learn how it could be done.....
  • About My Cat and a Bird
    Read about my cat and a bird. They became friends outside my house. Share cute view from my patio. Check it out....
  • Why it was a Yearly Holiday Event
    Holiday Celebrations were safe and fun when young, read more and find out how.......
  • Why and How He Lost His Last Chance
    Chances in life come and go. Unless you recognize and grab right away- read on and find out more.....
  • Why Do Poetry Forms Change
    A name verse poem can be as simple as using an adjective to describe a person that begins with each letter of that person's name. For example, here is a name poem for my grandson named Jason
  • How to Teach Yourself to Play the Piano
    Learning how to play piano seems easy unless you try to teach yourself. Read on and find out why....
  • What Made it a Special Bottle of Wine?
    I rarely drink wine in a bottle How about you? I never knew what wine to drink. Until , a bottle was left at my door. Read on to find out more .......
  • How to Find Your Purpose in Life
    Finding out who we are is not a simple task , read further and figure it out ...........
  • How to Learn About the Growth of America
    America began with immigrants who dreamed of living a better life for their family. They found so much more! Read further and find out for yourself.....
  • Why Do We Turn Back the Clock?
    Memories of the past have more questions than answers!
  • How to Learn About Drivers License Update
    It used to be easy to renew a drivers license but things changed!! Read on for the latest changes........
  • How to Learn More About Florida Living
    Vacationing In Florida is fun and exciting. Living in Florida is not the same. It has its flaws. Read further to learn why!......
  • Why Do Elderly Seniors Fear Computers
    Elderly Seniors refused to learn the many uses of a computer. They fear the unknown. I think I know why? Read on.........
  • Why Fear Strangers
    Making a wrong choice can mess up your life. Read more to find out how.........
  • How to Bake Chocolate Cookies
    He begged for more I feared the worse and kept him from eating more cake. Why you ask? What harm could it be you wondered? Read on and find out......
  • My Garbage Disposal Ate My Dinner
    The best thing about a garbage disposal is that it eats all cooking mistakes. read more and see if you agree....
  • How to Fill a Life with Love
    Each day is like a pot. It is empty until filled to the top. How we live each day determines a life filled with sucess or failure. Read on and learn more about a special day in a life.........
  • Product Review Keurig K-Cups
    Select your personal taste of coffee from dozens of Keurig Coffee Blends - flavored, caffeine free, tea or hot chocolate and more
  • Product Review Lean Cuisine Chicken Pecan Frozen Dinner
    Once in a while Lean Cuisine creates a Chef' Pick meal. This is one of them!. For the first time I actually finished the entire meal and could not to tell you about it. Enjoy!
  • Product Review: Maxwell House Cafe Collection for Keurig Brewing System
    Maxwell House Cafe Collection for the Keurig Brewing System tastes Great! Read more about it...
  • Wishful Thinking
    Falling in love takes two to make it work! Read on to find out why
  • Memories of Love
    Fond thoughts; a visit to the hospital the day he dies, keeps him forever alive in my heart
  • Reasons Why I Hate House Cleaning
    Somethings never end. Cleaning and washing clothes are the worse task. When you think the job is done the kids come home and dirty it again. Read and see how I handled that
  • Memorial Day Holiday
    Memorial Day shows respect for all Veterans who gave their life for this country. It also ushers in the out of doors barbeque season
  • An Unexpected Event
    She never lived to see the next day - she died in her sleep. It was a totally unexpected death. Read on to learn more....
  • Mother's Day Memories
    My mother has been long gone and yet on each Mother's day I feel her close to me and fill my mind with memories of the final Mother's Day we shared
  • He Told Me Never to Return
    I recall doctors making house calls to the sick. Today doctors fire patients for any reason and get away with it. A True Story. Read on and find out what he did....
  • The Mystery of a White Paper Cup
    A true story of a golf course, a golfer and a white paper cup. Read on to find out more and smile
  • How to Use Mayonnaise to Condition Dry Hair
    Dry hair conditioners are expensive. I found this little trick to make my hair shine using a product that is in most refrigerators. Read on
  • Happy St. Patricks Day
    You don't have to be Irish to enjoy St. Patricks Day. The wearing of the green and traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner is universally enjoyed and loved by all
  • Product Review Bumble Bee Chicken Salad with Crackers in a Box
    "Bumble Bee Chicken Salad w/Crackers in a Box" recently hit the shelf of my local Supermarket. It sounded like a product that has many uses, so I bought a box to try and write Product Review to find out if it is worth the cost. You be the judge!
  • An Uninvited Guest
    Florida is a bright sunny state. Unexpected wildlife at times appears in the oddest places at unexpected times. Read on and share a smile with me.......
  • Changing Times
    Consuming the same foods at the same time of each day can ruin even the best of days. Making even the smallest change can brighten the day. Read on......
  • Earn Quick Cash
    This craft can earn fast pocket money. Buy a few paint brushes, cheap craft store paints and start! Read on to learn how......
  • Silent Love
    Did true love allude me or did I fail to recognize it? An unanswerable question nags me. Read further and decide....
  • Why Writing a Will is Important!
    Writing your own will is necessary. That Will is final word in your lifetime. Read on and learn why. Find out more about this dire necessity.........
  • Why We Were Born?
    Not all questions have impossible answers. Many do! Just a few thoughts popped up in my head and wanted to share them with others who have the need to know. Read on to find out if you are one of those.
  • A Special Loving Woman
    Sometimes, someone comes along who we call special. Many times she is not appreciated for her acts of kindness. This was such a woman who long ago died. I would like you to meet her. Read on and find out why
  • Strange Thoughts
    If we were born to different people and in a different place would our lives still be the same? Have you ever given thought?!
  • Manners
    I was raised in an earlier generation and learned manners and being polite, by the time I could walk. Today, very few stand up and give the elderly a seat in a bus, hold a door open, or say excuse me, please or thank you. Read further ...
  • Birds in Flight
    All God's creatures leave the sky as the skies turn from bright to night.
  • A Waste of Money
    Conversation, as it has been for centuries, is slipping away. Now we rely on electronics to communicate. How will the future be I wonder, but only time will tell. Read and decide for yourself.
  • The Mystery of Time
    Time passes so quickly that it seems to fly. I wonder at times where the years go? Read on and find out!
  • After the Wedding Fun
    Weddings are exciting. Preparations are exhausting. After the wedding the Bride and Groom hop into bed. Read on for the best part....
  • Signs of Aging
    I looked in the mirror and noticed wrinkles on my face. The signs of aging scared me. I was getting old and all of a sudden felt it. Read on.
  • The Holiday Season Rush
    Things have changed since I was young. Thanksgiving was celebrated with family dinners before planning for Christmas, Today we seem to rush. Read on.
  • Secrets Made
    Promises made should be kept. Sharing secrets and vowing not to tell is not easy. Could you keep a secret for a lifetime? Read on and see for yourself...
  • The Clouds
    We moved to Florida and he died the following week. There was no time to enjoy sunny days and starlight nights together. I him watching over me on a cloudy day by the shape of the clouds hovering over me. Read on......
  • Only a Dream
    He left this earth a long time ago, and visits me in my dreams
  • I Bought Something I Could Have Lived Without
    I could have done without it. Money was tight and I could have purchased food instead. It was something that only I would enjoy but I said, 'what the heck' and bought it then never looked back!
  • Hurricanes Cause Havoc
    Florida is known for sunshine, Disney, rain, tornado's and hurricane seasons. Read on and learn more.....
  • Product Review of the New Orville Redenbacher's Classic Kettle Korn
    A delicious snack to enjoy any time of day, when watching television at home, or a movie in the theater. The snack that recently hit the supermarket shelves is a bag of Orville Redenbacher's Classic Kettle Corn, a satisfying, healthy delicious treat
  • Not All of the Olympics Interested Me
    Those who participated in the Olympic Games practiced for years before this day. They ran, jumped, and looked like birds airborne. Could this have been me?
  • Product Review of Activon
    Arthritis pain can be intolerable. ActiVon comes in a roll-on bottle, easy to use and odorless. Helps to give instant relief along with a good night's sleep. It is a must try and inexpensive
  • Improve a Credit Score
    Forget to pay a bill and your credit score drops! Improve your credit score by reading further!
  • Symptoms of Skin Cancer
    Cancer is not a diagnosis to fear, but can be fatal if not caught early. I got that diagnosis twice. I phoned the skin doctor immediately. He took a biopsy and two weeks later I got the news... read on to see what the doctor said.
  • How to Celebrate the 4th of July
    Winter is gone and summer arrives. Hot dogs and a grill replace the snow. The fireworks usher in the first celebration of the summer - the 4th of July.
  • Fathers Day Memories of My Dad
    I look back over the years and can envision the love and care my father gave me. My memories of him strongly return on every Father's Day.
  • Summertime Memories
    Summertime brings life to all of nature and makes life worth living. It also brings back memories of a love that was taken away from me, in June in the start of summertime.
  • Mother's Day Memories
    My mother seemed to be old when I was young. Now I look the same to my grandchild. Somethings never change and remain forever in our memories. Like my thoughts of my mother who died many years ago.
  • Questions Without Answers
    Think back over the years when you were growing up. Did you ever wish you had done things differently? This is what this poem focuses on. Read on and see if you would have done it differently.
  • Love Passed Silently
    Love went by like a breeze. I never felt it, sensed it, or knew where to find it. Or has it always alluded me.? and is it too late now? You tell me . Read on.......
  • Product Review of the New Mini NuWave Oven
    Roasting a turkey or chicken for holiday dinners is quicker and easier using the NuWave Oven. Those who live alone find the Mini NuWave Oven does the same great job cooking with cleaning up faster. Read to find out how and why.
  • Do Not Shatter the Image You Have of Yourself
    Maintain a positive attitude. Think of yourself as still younger. Accomplish your lifelong dreams. Stay away from full length mirrors.
  • Acupuncture and Pain
    Acupuncture treatments are pain free I thought. I tried to convince myself. My back pain caused me to make an appointment. Then after being stuck with a dozen needles I got up and ran and never returned..
  • Easter Past
    My memories of this Easter, go back approximately dozens of years ago/ I never forgot of my dad and me parading up and Fifth Avenue in New York City. I was wearing my brand new Easter Outfit. Read on for more about what happened next.
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