Stanley W. Shura

Stanley W. Shura

I live and work in the Greater Brockton area (loosely defined). My "gig" for 16 years was working with children, and I miss it. But I currently have answered a calling to work with adults with severe neurological disabilities, and still learning the ropes. I play the piano, and teach it privately. I love jazz, and have an ecclectic (or obscure!) variety of "geeky" interests including math, psychology, learning theory, and word games. I am a passionate and life-long learner, with a keen (albeit unofficial) interest in constitutional law and citizens' legal powers. I am a staunch defender of civil rights and believe in a legally intelligent and empowered citizenry.

I am thrice disabled, these dx's either comorbid with or resulting from hydrocephalus and its surgical treatment. The "trifecta" is Nonverbal Learning Disability, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and clinically significant (talk about understatement!) Anxiety. Yes - capitalized.

I also happen to have some pretty strong gifts as well, when I am diligent about the basic health stuff (especially diet, exercise and GETTING ADEQUATE SLEEP!) and when the non-basic stuff is likewise managed well and followed (meds, keeping track of and keeping appointments, and following through with my own health monitoring and care plans).

I AM going to master this "life" thing, and ALL of the conflicts (and their participants!) and opportunities it has to offer.
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An extensive lay, undergraduate and professional immersion in learning disabilities, special education,


The possession of power does not indicate the possession of the judgment or worthiness to use it.


American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, Massachusetts Teachers Association
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