JoAnna Ness

JoAnna Ness

I live in La Crosse, Wisconsin and am currently a full-time student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I am pursuing my B.S. in Finance and am planning on graduating within the next couple of months. I d like to combine my passion for finance with my love of writing.
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Currently studying at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


I d love to encourage and motivate people to chase their passions while providing real-life expectations.


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  • 5 Months Until Graduation: One Semester Left
    I took my last final today and now have off for five weeks. Although I don't have homework, there are still important tasks at hand.
  • 5 Months Until Graduation: Let the Countdown Begin
    This is my second submission in a series of articles that follows my journey on the way to graduating college. This week the focus is on publishing a professional resume and cover-letter.
  • 5 Months Until Graduation
    Not only do I need an outlet in which to express my feelings and concerns about graduating college and moving into the "real world", I want others to know they are not alone when to comes to being fearful of the future.
  • First Person: Her Final Thanksgiving
    The loss of a grandparent is something inexplicable. Nothing can compensate for the hole in the family, and it may even seem impossible to recover.

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