Eric Jonathan Martin

Eric Jonathan Martin

Eric Jonathan Martin is a freelance writer who can tackle any subject. His greatest interests are in architecture, design, and public policy and planning. A native of Long Island, New York for thirty years he now calls Rhode Island his home state. It is also well known to his closest friends that he tells some of the worst jokes in history.
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Nassau Community College, AAS Liberal Arts (2012).


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  • Commentary: At UN Address, United States Can’t Hide Its Own Sins
    Speaking in front of the UNGA, President Obama's spoke about war, peace, poverty, and the global economy. His speech was highlighted by a notion that the United States and Iran could soon be opening diplomatic doors to a better relationship.
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  • After All the Debt, Is Having a Degree Really Worth the Cost?
    As American students now cumulatively owe about $1 trillion in student loan debt, Yahoo is publishing first-person accounts from those who are still paying and those who have lessons to share. Here's one story.
  • Pope Francis I Brings Fresh Air to the Vatican
    It wasn't long ago that Jorge Bergoglio was just an Argentinian cardinal. Now, as the first Pope Francis, he takes over a Vatican which seems to be stuck in controversy. Is he the right man to correct the problems of the past?
  • Commentary: Obama's Call for Manufacturing's Return is Key
    In his annual State of the Union address to Congress, President Barack Obama discussed the direction he plans on taking to improve the economy and avoiding the automatic cuts in federal spending.
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  • Rhode Island Issues Statewide Travel Restrictions
    Much activity in Rhode Island has slowed down or stopped entirely with the coming winter storm. There is not much else you need to do but stay inside and keep warm.
  • First Person: Northeast Winter Storm Weather in Rhode Island
    This winter storm has the potential to drop two feet of snow on the entire state of Rhode Island Friday night and in to Saturday. The Ocean State is preparing for the worst, and we're getting ready for the possibility of spending the weekend snowed in.
  • Increase Funding to Parks, EPA
    Throughout the history of the United States, there have been some great eco-friendly presidents. For Barack Obama to be remembered as a champion of the environment, there are a few things he should do over the next four years.
  • Stepping Back from the Fiscal Cliff
    Almost every American is going to feel some effect from the changes in taxes and spending cuts. As a 30 year old recent college graduate, these are the changes I will see now that the Senate and House have passed a bill avoiding the Fiscal Cliff.

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