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Eric Jonathan Martin

Eric Jonathan Martin is a freelance writer who can tackle any subject. His greatest interests are in architecture, design, and public policy and planning. A native of Long Island, New York for thirty years he now calls Rhode Island his home state. It is also well known to his closest friends that he tells some of the worst jokes in history.
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Nassau Community College, AAS Liberal Arts (2012).


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  • Commentary: At UN Address, United States Can’t Hide Its Own Sins
    Speaking in front of the UNGA, President Obama's spoke about war, peace, poverty, and the global economy. His speech was highlighted by a notion that the United States and Iran could soon be opening diplomatic doors to a better relationship.
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  • Five Useful Tips for Writers
    Whether you are looking to write as a second job or as a main occupation, it can have many perks other jobs don't offer. You can usually set your own hours, and focus on what you love. Here's five tips for anyone who is looking to be a writer.
  • Why Same-Sex Marriage in Rhode Island?
    Rhode Island was the lone hold out in New England for not legally recognizing same-sex marriages after Maine granted them legal recognition in 2012. Now, with the law set to change on August 1st, what does that mean for everyone in the state?
  • Slow Down: How I Broke the Fast Food Habit
    Eating fast food makes you feel good, and there is a lot of brain science that agrees with that. However, it is not so good for your body or your wallet. Here are some of my tips on how to break the habit of eating fast food regularly.
  • Why on Earth Would Community Be Better Without Dean Pelton?
    The cast of Community is adored by it's fans, myself included. So why would I think that Dean Pelton, played by Jim Rash, should be written off of the show?
  • The Best New York Red Bulls Player Ever Is...
    Founded in 1995 as the New York/New Jersey MetroStars, the New York Red Bulls have seen many famous names on the field. But who is the best ever to play for the team? Here's my picks for the top five players in the history of the franchise.
  • New Looks and a New Wardrobe for Under $200
    I recently moved to a new state and, while unboxing some of my clothing, I realized that my clothes were in desperate need of an overhaul. By finding some great deals, I was able to practically renew my wardrobe for under $200!
  • So What If Seth MacFarlane Won't Host the Oscars? Robert Downey Jr. Should!
    While Seth MacFarlane did put on a good performance at the Oscars, compared to other previous hosts it was possibly average at best. Giving Robert Downey Jr. the opportunity to host them, and he would put on the show of a lifetime!
  • Toronto Raptors: Draft Kelly Olynyk
    The Toronto Raptors have not had the success they have hoped for the past few seasons, but that could change very soon. With a talented, young roster already, the addition of Kelly Olynyk would help the talented Rudy Gay and Demar DeRozan.
  • After All the Debt, Is Having a Degree Really Worth the Cost?
    As American students now cumulatively owe about $1 trillion in student loan debt, Yahoo is publishing first-person accounts from those who are still paying and those who have lessons to share. Here's one story.
  • MLB: What Is Wrong with the Toronto Blue Jays?
    After a slew of off-season moves, the Toronto Blue Jays were pre-season favorites to win the AL East. Currently, they are at the bottom of the standings in the division. What happened to this team that everyone, including myself, thought so highly of?
  • What Comedy Films Are in My Top Three
    Comedies are the best movies to watch when you need something to brighten your mood. If it is a movie you really enjoy, even if you have seen it many times before there will be a scene that makes you laugh. Here's my top three comedy movies.
  • Why I Will Always Remember a Trip to the Opera
    By luck, the one evening my sister had tickets to see a performance of La Fanciulla del West at the Metropolitan Opera was an evening that her friend from college was in town. I went in her place, and it was the greatest concert experience of my life.
  • Why I Don't Attend Music Festivals
    I love seeing musicians I enjoy perform. What I don't like is seeing them perform a shortened set because they are playing on a stage between two acts I don't particularly care for. These, and other reasons, are why I avoid music festivals.
  • RISD's Annual Runway Show to Be Held on May 18th
    The annual event hosted by the Rhode Island School of Design's Apparel Design department will highlight the unique and one-of-a-kind concepts designed by students of the program. The jury panel will include famous designer Tommy Hilfiger
  • Preparing a Rhode Island Home for Spring
    Now that the slow thaw has begun after another harsh New England winter, it is time for us to get our house ready for spring to visit beautiful Rhode Island. Here what we are planning to do, and what you might want to do as well!
  • Investing My $2,000 Tax Return in a CD
    Having a large tax refund can seem like a great time to buy yourself all the gifts you have had your eyes on since last year. While it never hurts to treat yourself to something, most of that money would be best put to use making interest.
  • Arizona Cardinals Draft Report Card: First Round
    The Arizona Cardinals picked seventh in last night's NFL draft, and they used their pick on guard Jonathan Cooper from the University of North Carolina. Improving the offensive line was imperative for the Cardinals, but was he the right choice?
  • Moving Out on My Own Saved Me Money and Frustation
    Sharing a house with my friends, I lived rather inexpensively. Since I was taking care of the house bills I was often owed money, sometimes running up a tally for weeks or more. Once I moved out on my own, it started costing me more, but saving me money.
  • Where to See Spring Wildflowers Around Providence
    There are few things more beautiful than Rhode Island in the spring. As the weather warms, the sun stays out later, and flowers start to bloom, there are plenty of places you can visit to spend a day on a weekend or even just an evening after work.
  • Diving in to the Meat-Free Pool of Vegetarian Cuisine
    Back in 2004 I made the decision to become a vegetarian without thinking about it. Thankfully, I had some great people around me who helped me do it properly and now I am happy with my decision and feel it was the right thing for me to do.
  • Pope Francis I Brings Fresh Air to the Vatican
    It wasn't long ago that Jorge Bergoglio was just an Argentinian cardinal. Now, as the first Pope Francis, he takes over a Vatican which seems to be stuck in controversy. Is he the right man to correct the problems of the past?
  • Financial Regret Became an Important Lesson
    Getting my first credit card was an exciting moment for me. I could finally afford to do things that I had wanted to but otherwise couldn't afford. This lead me to living in excess of what I could afford. Here are my tips on how to avoid the same mistake.
  • Irish Eyes Will Be Smiling on St. Patrick's Day in Providence
    Rhode Island has a lot of great events going on all week for St. Patrick's Day. Whether you are going to be in Providence or anywhere around for the holiday, here are some great ideas on where to go and what to do!
  • MLB Spring Training: Primer for the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays
    This off-season was one of the most active in history for the Toronto Blue Jays. A number of key players were added to the roster, and expectations are high for the team for the up-coming season. Here's a run-down of what's been going on with the team.
  • MLB Spring Training: Projected Toronto Blue Jays' Lineup
    The Blue Jays have greatly improved their hitting with some key acquisitions this off-season. Here is how the batting order looks to line up for next season.
  • NFL: Free Agents the Arizona Cardinals Need to Sign
    The Arizona Cardinals had a season in 2012 which was less than stellar. While other NFC West teams went on to great success in the playoffs, the Cardinals were left out. Here are some changes the team can make to have success in 2013.
  • Have Fun This Valentine's Day in Providence!
    Ah, romance! Or... maybe not! Whether you are with your loved one, or going solo, there are a lot of fun things to do for the evening! Here are some of the best ways to spend your Valentine's Day.
  • Commentary: Obama's Call for Manufacturing's Return is Key
    In his annual State of the Union address to Congress, President Barack Obama discussed the direction he plans on taking to improve the economy and avoiding the automatic cuts in federal spending.
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  • MLB Predictions: Blue Jays Will Be World Series Champions in 2013
    After an off-season which saw an unprecedented amount of player movement by the Toronto Blue Jays, they are prepared to win their first World Series since 1993. These are five reasons why they will do it.
  • The Financial Plans of a Recently Relocated College Graduate
    After I finished my Associate's degree in New York, I was ready to move up to my girlfriend's in Rhode Island. Living out of New York for only the second time in my 30 years, I have a lot that I want to do this year.
  • Rhode Island Issues Statewide Travel Restrictions
    Much activity in Rhode Island has slowed down or stopped entirely with the coming winter storm. There is not much else you need to do but stay inside and keep warm.
  • First Person: Northeast Winter Storm Weather in Rhode Island
    This winter storm has the potential to drop two feet of snow on the entire state of Rhode Island Friday night and in to Saturday. The Ocean State is preparing for the worst, and we're getting ready for the possibility of spending the weekend snowed in.
  • Increase Funding to Parks, EPA
    Throughout the history of the United States, there have been some great eco-friendly presidents. For Barack Obama to be remembered as a champion of the environment, there are a few things he should do over the next four years.
  • 44 Words: What I Want Obama to Say in His Inaugural Address
    What I want the 44th President of the United States to say in his Inaugural Address about the next four years and beyond in 44 words.
  • Keep Your New Year's Resolution, Providence!
    During the New Year's celebration, a lot of people make the resolution to live healthier and lose weight. In Providence, there are a lot of places to keep that promise to yourself by exercising and staying fit.
  • Stepping Back from the Fiscal Cliff
    Almost every American is going to feel some effect from the changes in taxes and spending cuts. As a 30 year old recent college graduate, these are the changes I will see now that the Senate and House have passed a bill avoiding the Fiscal Cliff.
  • My Life with Depression
    While someone suffering from depression may feel alone, it affects roughly 25 milllion Americans every year. Getting started can be the toughest task of all. But when you feel helpless, there are a lot of people out there who want to help you.
  • Where to Watch Bowl Games in Rhode Island
    Rhode Island is a lot more than just Providence. Here are some great places all around the state to watch games during the BCS bowl season.
  • UConn Huskies Football Bowl Memories
    The University of Connecticut is a young football program in the BCS, and thus does not have quite the breadth of bowl history some other schools may have. But what it does have is some very memorable games for fans of the growing Huskies football team.

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