Kevin R

Kevin R

A young, aspiring architect hoping to better the community that he lives in. Kevin divides his time evenly to try to express his love and passion for art, music, and philosophy. As a freelance writer and musician, he wants to inspire other people to overcome the struggling economy by chasing their passions creatively, and thinking outside-the-box.
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  • Midnight Ramblings: Time
    It doesn't matter who you are. It doesn't matter what you do. No one is exempt from the cruel hands of time.
  • The Author's Calamity
    Every writer struggles with their own worst enemy before putting their words on paper: themselves. Their greatest obstacle is finding peace with the voice inside their head.
  • Battling Flu Season in San Fernando, Calif.
    Influenza is hitting America as hard as ever. As we experience one of our coldest California weathers, many families struggle to keep their own families healthy while providing for them. What does a typical family in Southern California experience?

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