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My family and I own a construction company that builds homes and commercial buildings, remodel homes, and also are involved in the design process. However, my real passions are helping people and beauty, make-up and personal products. I am a mother of a three year old and have been married for six years. I love animals and have pets. My best and favorite hobby is reading-I learn so much and this is where I get my ideas from for writing. Writing is my next favorite hobby; I love writing non-fiction (such as: essays, research articles, how-to guides, personal and self-help articles), but can write fiction; usually short stories. I would love to write a book on historical fiction or chick-lit. I always carry at least three pens and two notebooks with me, as well as a book and a magazine. I am very serious about my hobbies and would love to make it into my profession. I have had stories and other works, mostly essays, published in school publications, but nothing serious. Yet. I was part of an honorary club of English at the university I attended and loved my English courses. I am very particular about my writing style, having the best grammar, and I do not use conjunctions. I had always wanted to be an English professor at the college level, but I needed a business degree for the family business. Hopefully, one day, that dream will come true. I am very organized, detail oriented, and a perfectionist. This has helped me write well and I do tend to correct other people around me on their English skills.
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I am a smart, savvy, busy mom who loves to share what I know and learn through reading.



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