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Marcela De Vivo

Content Marketing expert with 14 years of experience in internet marketing, guest blogging and link building.
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Honesty, Perseverance, and Integrity above all


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  • Social Crowdfunding: Is it the End to Government Funding?
    Many start-up businesses and entrepreneurs wonder as to which path they should take when it comes to decide between crowdfunding and government grants. Learn more here!
  • 5 home remodeling lessons we learned by mistake
    The stress and financial toll of a home remodel can place a huge burden on relationships. Here I share 5 lessons we learned from the process that helped our marriage, and sanity.
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  • Parenting Resolutions for 2013
    Wondering how to create and keep effective parenting resolutions for 2013? Read on to learn how to create parenting resolutions that improve the quality of life for yourself and your family.
  • Fit amd Healthy in LA
    Need to stay supple and lean? Try Hot Yoga! Low on Energy? How about some Reiki! In this article we will discuss 3 ways of staying healthy and fit in North Los Angeles County.

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