Heidi Rogers

Heidi Rogers

Heidi is a wife and mother who has an opinion about almost everything. Her very real, and sometimes offensive, rantings were something that her friends and family grew tired of hearing. So naturally she has begun to blog. She is also frankly a little weirded out by referring to herself in third person.
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  • Thyroid Cancer
    Learn why you should never tell someone with thyroid cancer that it's "the best one to have". Really. That's what I heard.
  • Busting Homeschool Myths: One Mom's Attempt to Correct False Information
    This author has heard all kinds of myths about home schooling since she started teaching her son four years ago. Learn what home school life is really like, and why teaching your kids at home might not be a bad idea.
  • Easy Valentine's Crafts for the Artistically Challenged
    Find out how the author stepped out of her comfort zone and started doing some fun and easy crafts with the kids.
  • What to Do when Your Child Says 'I'm Bored'
    As a mom, those words grate on me like fingernails on a blackboard. Here are some tips that will pretty much guarantee your child will not complain about boredom again.
  • Our Homeschooling Adventure
    Learn why the author was hesitant to start homeschooling her son and what she has learned in the 4 years since.
  • My Parenting Resolution for 2013
    Getting the house clean is not as hard as many moms make it out to be. I have learned the hard way that letting go a little and allowing the kids to get involved with the housework brings peace and order to an otherwise chaotic household.

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