Evan Wade

Evan Wade

I am a professional writer in Bloomington, Indiana with a degree in Journalism (2006) from Indiana University. My job as a sales consultant for a major wireless carrier gives me unique insight into the world of ad (I know what customers want - and how to find out if I don t), technology, and business writing. My personal hobbies are almost all writing related - I ve published a short, signed on for a second, and finished a novel this year alone in my free time - and I know enough to write volumes about the ones that aren t.

I make it a point to further broaden my skill set and learn something new with each and every assignment. I m also really, really motivated to succeed in content production like I have in other writing areas, and I want to start providing a lot of value immediately in order to do that.
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BA, Journalism, Indiana University (2006)


If you re going to do something, do your absolute best.


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